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Aeroplane Heaven – Cessna 140 v1.4.0a

– Version number correctly indicates 1.4.0
– Trim sound that was added for SU8 is removed for SU9
– Electrical issue has been resolved for SU8. Previous fix no longer worked and now is working. Tested on 2 separate flights from full tanks to no tanks. We recommend you not fly with the landing light on though!
– Click spots for pilot removal and flaps have been revised to allow for an easier use of the fuel tanks.
The Cessna 140 was introduced in 1949, following on from the 120. Uprated engines and improved landing gear were among the changes and provided the aviation public with an aeroplane that was comfortable and easy to fly.

The 140 stands out from other Cessnas with its unique “art deco”, automotive style instrument panels. The interior layout is simply but comfortably furnished and everything is to hand. This made the aeroplane the ideal trainer and its near vice-less behaviour and inherent strength made it popular with flying clubs and flight schools everywhere.


• Accurately modelled in High Fidelity with an enormous amount of authentic detail
• Detailed animations include sprung steerable tailwheel, sprung main U/C legs, brake discs and callipers.
• ‘Hidden’ modern navigation suite fitted to the cockpit panel for IFR navigation. ( totally optional )
• Asobo based pilots. Therefore the pilots you have chosen will fly the plane.
• 7 Authentic liveries include polished alloy, gloss paint and well-worn examples.
• 3 versions of the Cessna and if you know your way around configuration files your choice of which version to use per livery.
• ‘PBR Workflow’ texturing inside and out, as used in many of today’s successful computer games


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