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Captain Sim – Boeing 767s & 777s with integrated FTSiM+ Sound Packs v1.3.2 (Update 3, Fixed)

Note: This upload fixes missing numbers on cockpit instruments, instead of downloading everything again, you can download & run the fixed installation scripts instead.

Note: See the following README.txt files after extracting:

• captainsim-aircraft-m763\README.txt
• captainsim-aircraft-p762\README.txt
• captainsim-aircraft-p863\README.txt
• captainsim-aircraft-p963\README.txt

Note: Some add-on folder names have changed, as always make sure to remove your old folders before updating.

v1.3.2 (Update 3):
– Added the 767-200 using the B767-300ER Sound Pack (GE) and B767-300ER Sound Pack (PW)
– Added the 767-300F using the B767-300ER Sound Pack (GE)
– Updated 767-300ER PW, 767-300ER GE, 777-300 PW and 777-300 RR to latest versions
Pack of 13 Captain Sim aircraft which all have their respective FTSiM+ Sound Pack integrated:

• Boeing 767-200 v1.3.0 (Fixed)
• Boeing 767-300ER PW v1.3.0 (Fixed)
• Boeing 767-300ER GE v1.3.0 (Fixed)
• Boeing 767-300F v1.3.1 (Fixed)
• Boeing 767-400ER v1.3.0
• Boeing 777-200ER GE v1.3.2 (Updated Liveries)
• Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner v1.3.0
• Boeing 777-200/200ER PW v1.3.0
• Boeing 777-200/200ER RR v1.3.0
• Boeing 777-300ER GE v1.3.2 (Updated Liveries)
• Boeing 777-300 PW v1.3.0 (Updated)
• Boeing 777-300 RR v1.3.0 (Updated)
• Boeing 777F v1.3.0 (Updated Liveries)

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