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FS Formosa – RCQC Penghu Airport v2.0.0

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Penghu Airport (IATA: MZG; ICAO: RCQC), formerly known as “Makung Airport,”, locating in the middle of the Taiwan Strait, is a joint-use military/civilian airport to serves as the main gateway to Penghu Islands. Summertime is the peak tourist season in Penghu, offering a great environment for variety of water activities. Geological wondering like basalt rock formed pillars looking cliffs, as well as vivid events such as Fireworks Festival, are also adding more attractions to the local.

During winter, the prevalent northeast monsoon presents challenges for flight operations in the real world, not mention to the FS enthusiasts.

Penghu Airport consists a runway length of 3000m (9843ft) and is operated by Uni Air (ICAO: UIA) and Mandarin Airlines (ICAO: MDA) for regular flights by ATR-72, B737, A321, and DHC6 will connect to cities in Taiwan, such as Taipei (RCSS), Taichung (RCMQ), Tainan (RCNN), Chiayi (RCKU), and Kaohsiung (RCKH). Scheduled charter service to Kinmen (RCBS) is also available. Daily Air’s (ICAO: DAC) DHC6s provide regular inter-islands flights between Penghu and Chimei(Qimei) island (RCCM). Emerald Pacific Airlines’ Leonardo AW169 helicopter also stations at Penghu Airport to provides essential emergency medical transportation services for the residents of remote islands.

Landmarks and scenic spots are included in this scenery pack:

• Mudouyu Lighthouse
• Penghu Great Bridge
• Chamuyu Lighthouse
• Xiying Rainbow Bridge
• Tongpanyu Geopark


• High-resolution details: Utilizes full-spec PBR texture mapping to achieve realistic lighting and shadow effects.
• High realism: Customized localized buildings, landscapes, ground service vehicles, ground/road objects, taxiway signs, lighting, obstruction lights, flags, and animated lighthouses.
• Performance-friendly: Optimized LODs (Levels of Detail) based on official guidelines to balance detail and performance.



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