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Lionheart Creations – Bellanca Super Viking v1.3.0

– A beautiful new manual that better represents the Super Viking has been created that explaines many details and the many functions of this aircraft.
– Adjustment to Yaw performance to improve handling at slower speeds when landing.
– The Heading Bug was rescaled Larger and remapped with a brighter red so as to show up more better.
– The white triangle objects in the HSI compass were adjusted outwards to look more even.
– The glass was also moved rearwards to improve its appearance.
This is the famous, high performance 4 seat American aircraft from the 1970s that was capable of cruising at 200 MPH. Featuring smooth wooden skinned wings and a steel frame fuselage, the 300 HP Turbocharged Edition 17-300A Super Viking was capable of 226 MPH top out and a range of 700 NM at 75% power cruising along at 186 MPH. The turbocharged version had a ceiling of 25,000 feet as well.

This aircraft features many cool features, including a Century III Autopilot, several versions of interiors and panel colors, belly landing capabilities for practicina emergency landina procedures, icing capabilities, popup placards and a popup instructional autopilot placard.

This is a High Resolution package with many 4K textures and also features a high realism Asobo 6 cylinder soundpack. The Avionics are also pure Asobo, so you are guaranteed a very nice avionics suite. Other features include opening door, opening cargo door, and opening vent window, hideable yokes, 2 versions of instruments lighting that includes rear lit illumination and front panel pedestal style lighting.

The package features a manual in PDF format located in the aircrafts folder system. If you purchase the Super Viking, please read through the manual first to find out where all the cool hidden features are.

If you like classic American planes, if you like ‘fast’, if you enjoy some snap in the roll performance, then this is your plane. A classic American single-engine muscle plane.



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