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Orbx – AYDN, AYNM, AYYE & AYYW PNG Highland Bush Strips / Airports Pack 1 v1.1.0

– Added AYNM Kasonombe Airstrip
From seasoned Indie developer, Ken Hall, welcome to PNG bush flying. A place where many airline pilots earned enough hours to advance their careers in aviation, a scenic and challenging world where one bad decision can end in tragedy. Among the lush tropical landscape, these small airstrips are the lifeline for these small villages, often the locals carve these strips out by hand. Not only are the strips often short and sloped but subject to some of the fastest changing weather conditions in the world. Flying hours earned here are done so in the toughest place in the world to be a Bush Pilot.

This is the first of many bush packs to come.

Aircraft such as the Kodiak, Pilatus Porter, Beaver, Caravan, and Twin Otter deliver essential supplies to these remote places where there are few if any roads. Pilots in PNG offer a lifeline to the villagers and are usually welcomed with much excitement and gratitude for the service they provide. Welcome to PNG Bush Flying an experience unmatched in Aviation!


• 4 airstrips included: AYDN Dinangat Airport, AYNM Kasonombe Airport, AYYE Yalument Airport, AYYW Yawan Airport
• Custom Effects
• PBR textures
• Custom 3D vegetation with modeled Bananas!
• 100 custom-built and hand-placed models
• Handcrafted mesh for each airstrip
• Custom hand-placed objects and people
• Tropical and guaranteed to be challenging
• Perfect for all bush flyers!



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