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Orbx – Landmarks Dublin City Pack v1.0.0

Note: To remove animated ships, rename the following files:

* orbx-landmarks-dublin-city-pack\layout.json -> layout.json.ships
* orbx-landmarks-dublin-city-pack\layout.json.noship -> layout.json
* orbx-landmarks-dublin-city-pack\scenery\Orbx\Dublin\objects.bgl -> objects.bgl.ships
* orbx-landmarks-dublin-city-pack\scenery\Orbx\Dublin\objects.bgl.noship -> objects.bgl

See the beauty of the Emerald Isle’s crown jewel up close like never before!

Landmarks Dublin showcases the rich culture and history of this iconic city, now available as your next destination on Microsoft Flight Simulator through a curated collection of handcrafted POIs, terraforming and visual effects.

Visit Dublin with its storied churches, monuments and architecture – some even dating back to the Viking age! Cruise along the River Liffey to visit the famous birthplace of Guinness and its many breweries before heading towards the city’s modern metropolitan heart of shimmering sky-scrapers and bustling ports.


• Highly detailed representation of the City of Dublin and surrounding areas including all the major landmarks from Trinity College to the Guinness Breweries
• Many enhancements to the city and surrounding areas, improved building placement, marinas, vessels, cranes and much more
• Animated vessels throughout the port (optional via Control Panel)
• Animated yellow double-decker buses across the main bridges of the River Liffey
• Animated trains along the Tara Street Railway Bridge
• Stunning night lighting based on real-world photography
• Over 60 high-detailed POIs with PBR texturing
• Strenuously optimised for the best performance using efficient 3D modelling and texturing techniques
• Fully compatible with World Update 3



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