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PMS50 – GTN750 Premium v2.0.18 (Fixed Navigraph)

Note: See README.txt after extracting!

Note: The original version we uploaded (pms50-instrument-gtn750-v2-0-18.rar) had a “Corrupt file” warning displayed & the last version (pms50-instrument-gtn750-v2-0-18-fixed.rar) could not connect to Navigraph, this upload fixes both problems.

Note: For a list of compatible aircraft & G1000 replacement packages, visit the developer website.

v2.0.18 Changelog

The PMS50 GTN750 is a GPS instrument that looks similar as the original GARMIN GTN750.


• COM/Nav
• Audio panel
• Transponder
• Map
• Flight plan editing and leg
• Procedures
• Direct To
• Nearest pages
• Waypoint pages
• Messaging
• Map waypoint selection
• Map waypoint elevation data
• Navigraph Charts (Requires a Navigraph Charts subscription)
• Traffic page
• Terrain page
• Weather radar
• FPL preview
• FPL Cumulative distance
• FPL Import
• FPL Catalog (load and save)
• Airways
• User waypoints
• Textual Metar
• VCALC utility

Warning: Always protect yourself when downloading torrents.

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