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PMS50 – GTN750 Premium v2.1.80

Note: See README.txt after extracting!

Note: For a list of compatible aircraft & G1000 replacement packages, visit the developer website.

– Bugfix: the flight timers were not working in v 2.1.79.
– The VCALC Messages are now specific to each unit.
– Adding Logs utility. This is a sim variable viewer. The free version displays only some GTN750 variables. The premium version displays all the sim variables and allows editing of the file that defines the variables to display.
– Bugfix: The visual approach selection for runway 36 hangs.
– Bugfix: Setting a map field on a page may change it on another page.
– Bugfix: WTT mode: The message “Arrival at waypoint” may come too early in case of a direct To.
– Bugfix: The engine part was not displayed when using a G1000MFD replacement package for a stock aircraft.
– Added the DALT/TAS/Winds utility page (premium).
– Added Waypoint info, Fuel, Timers and DALT/TAS as target pages for the map fields.
– Added an option (premium) to display more fields on the map. Check the documentation chapter “Map field pages”.
– Integrators only: simplification of the integration steps. See our integrator’s guide (guide version v1.25 minimum).
– WTT mode: Allow a combination of a GTN750 as unit 1 and a WT GNS530/430 as unit 2. This is an experimental feature that could have side effects.
– Bugfix: The distance to the STRGHT waypoint when activating a visual approach was bad. Side effect: the VCALC was stopping calculation in this case.
– Bugfix: The DTK in the flight plan page may be bad in case of direct To the IAF.
– Bugfix: Possible sim crash when activating an approach while there is a current direct To.
– Added an option to display TCAS traffic even below 500ft AGL.
– Added a traffic icon in the map page.
– Bugfix: A direct to a random waypoint may hang the instrument in WTT mode (bug only in v2.1.72).
– Fixed SAR display issues in WTT external mode.
– WTT mode. Added all altitude constraint types (previously only AT type).
– Fixed some synchronization bugs in WTT external mode.
– Bugfix: GNS530 interface: the approach data was not correctly synchronized with GNS530 making some approaches not work correctly.
– Bugfix: When switching from external WTT mode (ex GNS530) to the GTN750 internal WTT mode, the flight plan may be lost. We now reload it automatically from the ATC in this situation (you must be on the ground). We remind users that the host swapping should be done just after entering in the cockpit.
– Bugfix: WTT mode. Not possible to direct To the STRGHT or FINAL waypoints of a visual approach.
– Bugfix: WTT mode. The NAV source may not initialize correctly.
– Bugfix: WTT mode. The target altitude may not be correctly captured.
– Bugfix: WTT mode (for aircraft developers). When integrating the WTT mode in the cockpit and the GTN750 package is not installed, some aircraft gauges may not work correctly.
– Bugfix: WTT mode. The default vertical mode was always PITCH. Now it’s taken from the aircraft config file.
– Bugfix: when switching from WT GNS550 to GTN750 in WTT mode, the autopilot management may be lost.
– The GTN750 may fail to start.
– Added an option for default VFR code (1200/7000).
– Bugfix: some aircraft with the new GPS hot switching may not work with the stock GNS530 (ex Carenado PC12 and Ovation).
– Bugfix: The altitude selection in WTT mode for some Carenado aircraft may be wrong.
– Bugfix: Map HSi is always displayed even if the option is not set.
– Bugfix: Corrupted map with some pln files imported from the world map (a workaround to an Asobo bug).
– Bugfix: New GPS hot swapping: the GTN750 may fail or take a long time to restart.
– Bugfix: wrong detection of the WTT mode if there is no autopilot in the aircraft.
– Bugfix: the flight plan import may fail to load the approach.
– Added a map icon option on the options page. The icon can be “Propeller”, “Helicopter” or “Jet”.
– Baro range on the autopilot page is now 28-32 inHg (948-1084 mb).
– GPS hot swapping: compatibility with WT GNS530 1.0.4.
– Better WTT mode detection.
– Removed the “Import from ATC” button because it doesn’t work well with the WT GNS530 for now.
– Few bug fixes with GPS switching.
– bugfix: GPS switching: the GTN750 may fail to power on in case of flight restart.
– bugfix: when used with the WT GNS530 as an external WT engine, the flight plan may be corrupted if no destination is entered in the world map.
– bugfix: wrong VCALC time to descent value.
– VCALC: if the target waypoint is part of the approach and the approach is not activated and you are flying the leg to the airport, VCALC is calculating as if you did a direct TO the target waypoint (the one defined in VCALC).
– New GPS switching mechanism (same as Working Title). The old one keeps working for compatibility issues but will be deprecated in the future.
– Adding ATC flight plan import feature.
– The system status page displays 3 values for WTT mode: “None”, “External” and “Internal”. External means connected to an external WT instrument (ex GNS530 or G1000Nxi). The internal mode uses our internal WT engine.
– bugfix: WTT mode: importing a flight plan with many waypoints could freeze the sim for a few seconds.
– bugfix: WTT mode: VCALC calculation may be wrong when the target waypoint is part of the approach and the approach is not activated.
– WTT mode: v2 is now released. This requires updating the WTT additional packages for your aircraft.
– WTT mode: automatic ATC synchronization (no manual button needed anymore). Only with WTT v2.
– integration: the embedded integration is not available anymore.
– bugfix: FPS drop in v2.1.57.
– Preparing the code for the future WT switching GPS feature.
– Bugfix: distance calculations in flight plan page and map fields.
– Bugfix: ETE field may disappear sometimes in WTT mode.
– Bugfix WTT mode: a direct To action may not work if there is a previous one.
– Bugfix: WTT mode V2. The AP may re-engage automatically in some cases.
– Bugfix: activating a leg may target the next one in rare cases.
– Bugfix: WTT mode V2. The approach arm state may be bad for RNAV.
– Bugfix: Flight plan issues when it comes from the world map and contains more than a user waypoint. Occurs only with the stock sim flight planner.
– Bugfix in WTT mode (V1): Starting from SU11 the enroute waypoints were not loaded from the world map flight plan.
– Bugfix: Create user waypoint not working in V2.1.51.
– Bugfix: WTT V2 mode: In some aircraft (ex analog King Air) the setting of the minimums was not working.
– Bugfix: METAR not displayed if there is no TAF data at the target airport.
– Adding SAR Patterns (premium).
– Bugfix: WTT mode: No map GSI for visual approaches.
– Bugfix: possible stutters in the flight plan page for flight plans with many waypoints.
– WTT mode: possible side effects when restarting the GPS unit.
– Experimental new WTT mode (v2) based on the latest WT code. Requires a specific test package (see our discord).
The PMS50 GTN750 is a GPS instrument that looks similar as the original GARMIN GTN750.


• Audio panel
• Transponder
• Map
• Flight plan editing and leg
• Procedures with preview
• Direct To
• Nearest pages
• Waypoint pages
• Messaging
• In-game toolbar panel
• Map waypoint selection
• Map waypoint elevation data
• NAVIGRAPH Charts (Requires a Navigraph Charts Ultimate subscription)
• Traffic page (TCAS)
• Terrain page
• Weather radar
• FPL preview
• FPL import
• FPL invert
• FPL Catalog (load and save)
• Airways
• Textual Metar
• VCALC Utility
• User waypoints
• Timers
• Fuel planning
• Checklists
• Visual approaches*
• Vectors to final*
• Holds*

*Only for aircrafts compatible with the Working Title Technology (WTT) and for aircrafts using the WT G1000 Nxi with the toolbar panel GTN750.



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