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Sierrasim Simulation – SLAL Alcantari International Airport v1.0.0

AlcantarΓ­ International Airport (IATA: ALC, ICAO: SLAL) is a Bolivian airport that serves the city of Sucre. It is located 30 km southeast of Sucre, in the municipality of YamparΓ‘ez. The work demanded about Bs 365 million (Bolivian currency) and was inaugurated on May 25, 2016. This airport is of international category with the capacity to receive large aircraft, it also has a larger air terminal than the old airport from the city.

From beautiful surroundings nestled in the Bolivian Andes, it is pleasant to fly and land at an airport located at 10,210 feet.


β€’ PBR Texture
β€’ Aerial Images
β€’ Photo-realistic textures for buildings, vehicles, etc.
β€’ Airport Objects
β€’ Optimized for good performance
β€’ Realistic night lighting
β€’ ILS added RWY36
β€’ Communication control tower added

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