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Simulacion Extrema – RJCW Wakkanai Airport v1.0.0

New Airport with 4K textures!

Wakkanai Airport (η¨šε†…η©ΊζΈ―, Wakkanai KΕ«kō) (IATA: WKJ, ICAO: RJCW) is an airport located 10 km (6.2 mi) east southeast[2] of Wakkanai, Hokkaidō, Japan.

Wakkanai is the northernmost airport in Japan that is capable of handling jet aircraft; due to its small size, it is susceptible to closures during the coldest winter months, in which case incoming aircraft are often diverted to Asahikawa Airport. It has one jet bridge, one apron gate for mid-sized jet aircraft, and two apron gates for commuter aircraft.

Development: This is the most approximate and realistic external representation or the Wakkanai airport elaborated with high quality 4K textures, the vast majority of elements found in the radius of the terminal were modeled, a custom jetway was also modeled according to the existing one in the real life.

Enjoy your flights to the far north of beautiful Japan.



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