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Simulacion Extrema – SCCI Presidente Carlos Ibanez International Airport / Punta Arenas Patagonia v2.0.0

– Complete overhaul
Exterior and high-quality development of the Carlos Ibañez airport in the Chilean Patagonian countryside. This is the largest and most extreme airport in Chile.


• All airport facilities are developed in a high quality and optimized manner
• Custom Jetways are created which are models anchored to the ground due to the strong winds in the area
• The logistics and air club areas located within the perimeters of the airport are incorporated
• All Aprons and vehicle parking textures are improved
• A new POI of tourist interest is added, which is the Magdalena Island and Lighthouse, which is a national sanctuary for Magellanic Penguins

Scenario in Chilean Patagonia, SCCI Carlos Ibañez del Campo International Airport in the city of Punta Arenas for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 simulator.

The addon is the closest external virtual representation to the real physical airport IATA code: SCCI; located in the Magallanes region in the southernmost part of the world.

The scenario has the gates declared in the simulator, both for civil and military aircraft.

NOTE: Jetways 1,2 and 3 are animated and designed only for aircraft of the size of Airbus 320 or similar. Larger aircraft must use remote taxi parking.



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