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Aerosoft – EBBR Brussels Airport v1.0.2.0

Warning: This airport conflicts with JustSim EBBR airport, only use one of the two (Aerosoft recommended).

Note: To use VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System), see “Extras\README.txt”.

– Fixed missing parts of Pier A when lower LOD is loaded
– Fixed misplaced parts of Pier A interior when high LOD is loaded
– Fixed ramp gate animations snapping back to closed when certain LODs are loaded
– Increased jetway movement range on stand 174
– Added dynamic light fx to jetway flood lighting
– Added missing touchdown zone lights for runway 25L, 25R and 01
Approach Brussels, the heart of Europe! Not just the capital of Belgium, but by many seen as the de facto capital of Europe, being the center stage for European and global politics post WW2 and the home to numerous companies and NGOs.

A bustling city also needs an airport capable of handling anything from the average tourist, suitcase toting CEO, overworked diplomat or even a head of state or two.

Brussels Airport, or Brussels-National as it’s also known is located 12 km north-east of Brussels in the municipality of Zaventem. Serving close to 25 million passengers in 2019 it clocked in as the 24th busiest airport in Europe.

Featuring three runways the longest being just above 3,600m laid out as two parallel runways (07L/25R & 07R/25L) and one crosswind runway (01/19).

Just north of Brussels airport you’ll find Melsbroek Air Base, home to the Belgian Air Forces transport wing. Even though it’s defined as its own airfield it shares the same runways as Brussels airport.

Installation runs via Aerosoft One, this requires an internet connection and an Aerosoft user account!


β€’ Includes a highly accurate recreation of Brussels Airport (BRU, EBBR)
β€’ Highly detailed models with high resolution textures
β€’ Custom jetways with correct variations for each terminal pier
β€’ Ambient passenger movements inside and around the terminals
β€’ Large amounts of ground clutter and service equipment at aircraft stands and parkings
β€’ Custom ambient ramp traffic bringing the apron to life
β€’ Up to date taxiway, apron and stands layout
β€’ Custom and accurate taxiway signage
β€’ Accurate taxiway lighting including custom runway guard lights
β€’ Approach and runway lights adapted to match real world counterparts
β€’ Custom aerial image covering the airport boundary and surrounding area
β€’ Accurate terrain and runway profiles
β€’ Custom windsocks and other environment dependent animations
β€’ Realistic night time dynamic lighting
β€’ Functioning “Apron Warning System”
β€’ Terminal interior for Pier A, B and connector building
β€’ Stands support AI traffic that has airline parking codes
β€’ Proximity triggers for hangar doors (TUI & Lufthansa) and apron gates (N4 and Sabena aerospace)
β€’ Supports the Aerosoft VDGS module with highly accurate T1 and T2 safedock systems


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