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Please read before contacting us

β€’ Requests for add-ons & updates that are not on SimPlaza will be ignored. We will post what we have.

β€’ If you want to contribute an add-on, feel free to contact us (see this page for more info).

β€’ Please check your Spam folder for E-mail replies, especially if you’re using Gmail. If you’re using any russian E-mail provider (Yandex Mail,,, we cannot respond due to Russia banning our E-mail provider. Use something else if you don’t want to be censored.

β€’ Signing up/signing in on this site is not possible. You can download everything & comment on every post without an account.

β€’ In case you signed up on or for faster downloads, you have to sign in on their site instead, not here.

β€’ No support for slow downloads, we do not run any of the hosters linked on our posts, please contact the hosters directly instead:
β€’ Rapidgator Support
β€’ DDownload Support
β€’ ModsFire Contact
β€’ MixDrop Contact (Bottom Page Footer)

β€’ No direct support from us if any add-on isn’t working, please use the comment sections instead (we are looking over every single comment and replying if we know a solution).

β€’ We have no plans of posting anything X-Plane related to SimPlaza (or any other Simulator). We also do not know any other sites that do.