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Please read before contacting us

β€’ Requests for add-ons & updates that are not on SimPlaza will be ignored. We will post what we have.

β€’ If you want to contribute an add-on, feel free to contact us (see this page for more info).

β€’ Please check your Spam folder for E-mail replies, especially if you’re using Gmail. If you’re using any russian E-mail provider (Yandex Mail,,, we cannot respond due to Russia banning our E-mail provider. Use something else to prevent censorship.

β€’ Signing up/signing in on this site is not possible. You can download everything & comment on every post without an account.

β€’ In case you signed up on or for faster downloads, you have to sign in on their site instead, not here.

β€’ No support for slow downloads, we do not run any of the hosters linked on our posts, please contact the hosters directly instead:
β€’ Rapidgator Support
β€’ DDownload Support
β€’ ModsFire Contact
β€’ MixDrop Contact (Bottom Page Footer)

β€’ In case you are unable to access any of the above hosters with your browser, your internet provider is imposing censorship by blocking them over DNS. We recommend to change your DNS to Cloudflare or any other provider instead.

β€’ No direct support from us if any add-on isn’t working, please use the comment sections instead (we are looking over every single comment and will reply if we know a solution).

β€’ We are aware that cracked versions of FSDreamTeam GSX Pro & Flightsim Studios AG E-Jets 170/175 exist, however both are very outdated and broken, so we will not post them.

β€’ We have no plans of posting anything X-Plane related to SimPlaza (or any other Simulator). We also do not know any other sites that do.

β€’ Lastly, make sure to read the FAQ first before contacting us, it might answer your question.

Unable to access
β€’ In case you are unable to access this website, this is most likely caused by the MSFS2020 Map Enhancement utility. See the updated Red Info Box on the post on how to fix it.