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If you own a MSFS add-on or any update of an add-on that is not yet posted on SimPlaza, we would love to upload it. All contributions are very welcome! SimPlaza has only been possible so far because of people sending us files, this will never change.

We recommend compressing the add-on folder (with WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip) if required and uploading the archive to any filehoster of choice. Some recommendations:

  • MEGA (20 GB Limit for free accounts + zero knowledge encryption, recommended)
  • WeTransfer (2 GB Limit)
  • Filebin (Unknown Limit, might not work if no space left on their servers)
  • MediaFire (1 GB Limit)

After you uploaded it, you can then send us the download link over our Contact Form. In case the add-on has been purchased on the MSFS In-game Marketplace, we will reply to you with additional instructions afterwards on things we require in order to crack it.