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Aerosoft – Toolbar Pushback Pro v1.0.3

– Additional adjustments for Sim Update 15
– Built with latest MSFS SDK
– LVFR A319 Horizon Mod compatibility and parking brake issue fixed
– Headwind A330 automated pushback issue fixed
– Aircraft profiles updated and new ones added
– Pushback logic adjusted for large airliners
– Custom close all doors button logic adjusted for integer array
Plan your pushback conveniently in the simulator while you prepare your aircraft or tow your aircraft out of the maintenance hangar to carry out a test flight. All options are available to you: pushback, push-in and towing. Operation of all functions is possible via keyboard and mouse, VR controller or Xbox controller.

Toolbar Pushback Pro is the further development of the well-known freeware Toolbar Pushback. The Pro version has been re-developed from the ground up to be up-to-date for the future and to simplify further developments.

The audio playback was switched to Wwise and the texts have been completely re-recorded. Depending on the language setting and the selected location, the accent of the interactive text changes. The tool’s operation has been optimized in many areas to speed up time-critical processes and ensure full compatibility with VR hardware and Xbox controllers.

The “automatic mode” of Toolbar Pushback Pro now also supports towing (forward) in addition to the standard pushback (backward), offering a whole lot of options for getting your aircraft out of a parking position.

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