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Ants Airplanes – CAC Winjeel v1.2.0

– New mouse click indicators for adjusting numerical parameters in the tablet
– Fixed aileron trim adjustment in tablet
– Fixed various radio frequency update issues in the tablet
The Winjeel makes it’s way to MSFS. This conversion of the FSX/P3D version has been updated with improved graphic and model details as well as full compatibility with the new MSFS systems.

The Winjeel makes it’s way to MSFS. The Winjeel is a two-three seat, low wing, fixed undercarriage tail dragger. Construction is all metal with fabric covered control surfaces. Power is provided by a 450hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior nine cylinder radial engine driving a two bladed Hamilton Standard variable pitch propeller.

The Winjeel was the Royal Australian Air Force’s primary piston trainer from 1955 to 1975. The Winjeel replaced the Tiger Moth and Wackett aircraft and was itself replaced by the NZAI CT-4 Airtrainer.

During the Vietnam war America’s use of Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft had proved to be a great asset so in 1969 four Winjeel’s were modified for use in this role by the addition of a smoke grenade dispenser and upgraded communications equipment. FAC Winjeel’s were not used in combat but were used in training. Finally in 1994 the FAC Winjeel’s were replaced by Pilatus PC-9 turboprops which brought an end to the Winjeel’s nearly 40 years of service.

A total of 62 Winjeels were produced from 1954 to 1958 and delivered to the RAAF. 2 prototype aircraft (CAC-22) were produced in 1951 and required extensive testing and modifications to arrive at the final design of the Winjeel.

Original plans called for the prototypes to be fitted with Pratt & Whitney Wasps and CAC’s own engine design in the production aircraft. This engine was a seven cylinder radial called the R-795 Cicada. In 1951 the Cicada program was scrapped and Winjeels were all fitted with Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior engines (the same engine used in De Havilland Beavers).

Interestingly, for a trainer, the Winjeels had three seats. Both the RAF and RAAF had specified three seats for their post WWII trainers. The theory being it would be possible to train two pilots at once, one being instructed whilst the other watched. This theory did not last long.

According to the Australian civil aircraft register there are 30 Winjeels currently registered. This FSX version is based on VH-OPJ (serial no A85-429 ) which is operated by Classic Aero Adventure Flights in Ballina NSW ( This particular aircraft has been modified to fit an additional seat to make it a four seater aircraft.


• There are two basic models, Normal and Forward Air Control (FAC). Each model comes in vintage and modern versions
• A pop-up tablet is available which allows the user to set preferences and operate a simple autopilot (not a standard feature on the real aircraft)
• A pop-up GPS is available to aid in navigation
• Persistent fuel and oil settings. When set the fuel and oil levels from the last flight will automatically be loaded into the next flight
• Three custom pilots are available, vintage male RAAF pilot and modern male and female pilots. Default MSFS pilot and copilot can be selected with the Tablet
• Exterior sound mixing. Mix in the level of the exterior sound to the interior sound. Opening the windows or canopy will also mix in the exterior sound
• Three levels of engine starter realism
• Engine oil consumption realism
• Sparkplug carbon fouling realism



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