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Asobo Studio – Aviat Aircraft Husky A–1C v0.1.33

The A-1C is the latest, most advanced, and most powerful iteration of Aviat’s Husky line, a standout short takeoff and landing (STOL) backcountry and adventure aircraft that has proven to be a reliable performer in the most austere conditions throughout the globe since it was first introduced in 1987. The single-engine, tandem twin-seat A-1C is an impeccably capable machine, whether operating from a concrete runway, a sandbar with tundra tires, a lake with floats, or a glacier with skis.

A full-flap stall speed of an incredible 53 miles per hour and landing gear with independent shock absorbers allows pilots to fly into the tightest of backcountry confines typically only accessible by helicopters. The A-1C is powered by a 200-horsepower fuel injected Lycoming IO-360-A1D6 engine giving a tremendous power-to-weight ratio. Combined with the low wing loading and high lift of the specialized STOL wing, this engine allows pilots to launch out of tight confines with confidence.

The virtual Husky A-1C has been re-created in high fidelity for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This includes Garmin Aera 796 touchscreen avionics, digital attitude indicator with adjustable backlight, and a dedicated display for engine diagnostics. The Husky A-1C comes with eight liveries and can be used with tundra tires, floats, or skis.

With Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new “Land Anywhere” feature, simmers are really going to open the possibilities of their experiences in flying throughout the world—landing and launching from dirt strips, mountainsides, glaciers, and bodies of water. Let the adventures begin!



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