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Asobo Studio – Boeing B787–10 Dreamliner v0.1.103

Note: In case you use Heavy Division B78XH or any other 787 mod, uninstall them (no longer compatible with AAU2). In case you use the Kuro B787-8 mod, make sure to update it to v2.

Note: You can also download all Premium/Deluxe aircraft combined here instead.

v0.1.103 (Avionics Update 2):
– Comprehensive visual overhaul of the avionics for accurate font, symbology, look, operation, and feel
– Visually accurate PFD supporting rising runway indication, ILS symbology, FPV and much more
– Independent MFD/ND/CDU Screens supporting view pane system management
– Full MFD synoptics pages indicating status of their respective systems
– Integrated avionics checklists on the MFD
– EICAS supporting full engine indication display and a whole suite of CAS messages
– CDU supporting advanced flight plan management and performance initialization features
– Advanced flight plan support, including arcs, radius-to-fix, intercepts, holds, procedure turns, and missed approaches
– Alternate diversions with customizable profiles for the predictions of ETA, distance and fuel remaining to multiple airports
– More in-depth Speedbrakes logic (rejected takeoff, arm, reversers, auto down behavior)
– Performance based VNAV with idle descent capabilities considering aircraft state, temperature and wind forecast
– Advanced VNAV configuration with ECON/selected modes, configuration of speed restrictions and speed transitions
– Fully featured autothrottle system with correct AT modes/functionality and communication to and from the FMS
– Thrust management system supporting cost index, thrust limitation and assumed temperature derate
– Fully featured autopilot including AUTOLAND, FLARE and ROLLOUT modes
– Integrated Approach Navigation (IAN) functionality and indications for straight-in non-precision approaches
– RNP/ANP indications
– TCAS II system supporting traffic advisories and RA indications on the ND
– Revised Engine and Flight Model bringing many values closer to book, fuel consumption, engine power settings, climb rates, speeds, and attitudes
– Fuel System overhaul supporting correct automation and warning logic
– Support for Hydraulic Demand pumps and automation
– Air conditioning and basic duct pressure simulation
– Pressurization system with FMS (AUTO) and MAN landing altitude capabilities and automatic VNAV based altitude scheduling
– Electrical systems with correct bus connection logic and adjusted power consumption
– Functional GPS and IRS navigation systems
– Adding more functionality to the overhead panels with accurate indications on the electrics, hydraulics, fuel and ECS panels
– Adjusted overhead panels logic and lighting accordingly
– Extended ingame checklists for both planes which are mostly auto-completable
– Revision of the plane’s soundscape
– Overhauled HUD supporting nearly all real-world symbology, including both Full and Decluttered modes, runway edge lines, FPV acceleration and speed error indications, TOGA and G/S reference lines, and unusual attitudes
– New fly-by-wire system simulating the authentic C*U law with trim speed unique to Boeing aircraft
– Flaps system comes with “Load Relief” and “Auto-gap” functionality
The Premium Deluxe Edition includes everything from the Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe edition plus 5 additional highly accurate planes with unique flight models and 5 additional handcrafted international airports.

Premium Deluxe Additional Aircraft:

• Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
• Cirrus Aircraft SR22
• Pipistrel Virus SW 121
• Textron Aviation Cessna Citation Longitude
• Zlin Aviation Shock Ultra



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