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Asobo Studio – Boeing B787–10 Dreamliner v0.1.106

Note: In case you use Heavy Division B78XH, Kuro B787-8 or any other 787 mod, uninstall them or the aircraft might not work properly.

Note: You can also download all Premium/Deluxe aircraft combined here instead.

– Added Functionality:
– Plane now support data uplink features via Simbrief. This allows the pilot to request the route, payload, and wind forecasts on the appropriate CDU pages. We have also added payload and fuel management pages to help pilots load the planes more optimally. You will find that under the SETTINGS page on the CDU. The 787-10 now comes with the EFB enabled. At the moment its sole purpose is to calculate takeoff performance settings and to send the data back to the FMC. Additionally a first iteration of computed and programmed step climbs has been implemented.
– CDU: Add SimBrief related options in SETTINGS.
– FMC: Add ROUTE REQUEST functionality backed by SimBrief integration.
– FMC: Add wind uplink functionality backed by SimBrief integration.
– CDU: Weight&Balance page added under SETTINGS for fuel and payload management.
– VNAV: Added support for step climbs.
– AP: FLCH mode sets thrust to achieve the target altitude in 125 seconds if possible.
– CDU: Added CRZ CLB and CRZ DES page titles to the CRZ page when in those regimes.
– CDU: Added cruise climb-related functionality to the PERF INIT, CRZ, PROG, and LEGS pages.
– CDU: Added the MAX ANGLE speed field to the CLB page.
– CDU: NAV RADIO accepts manual VOR course entry when VOR is in manual tuning mode.
– CDU: An invalid entry message is given when an abeam point cannot be found.
– CDU: The WIND and REF OAT fields on TAKEOFF REF page 2 can be auto-populated by pressing the corresponding LSK while the scratchpad is empty.
– CHECKLISTS: Added support for closed loop checklist items that automatically complete based on the corresponding system states.
– CHECKLISTS: Checklist page will display the first incomplete checklist upon page entry or NORMAL button press.
– CHECKLISTS: Added CHKL INCOMPLETE NORM cautions for before takeoff, approach and landing checklists.
– CHECKLISTS: Added Resets page where all checklists can be reset instead of having to reset every checklist individually.
– CHECKLISTS: Added support for overriding checklists and individual checklist items.
– EICAS: Added STAB GREENBAND warning to advise of incorrect takeoff CG entry.
– EICAS: Added a step climb alert if the climb has still not been started five minutes after passing the point.
– ND: Added a marker displaying the location of the next cruise climb.
– SYSTEMS: Added insufficient fuel warning if the predicted fuel at the destination goes below the set reserves (or 4000 lbs if not set).

– Bug Fixes:
– AP: Tuned localizer intercept behavior to reduce overshoot in most scenarios.
– AP: Ensure FAC can always capture when close to the beam.
– AP: Fixed an issue where the autopilot would be inaccurate when flying in external camera view.
– AP: The MCP speed window now opens with current speed when changing from VNAV to another vertical mode.
– CDU: Fixed an issue where a fix info ETA or altitude prediction could not be deleted when the prediction could not be calculated.
– CDU: NavRadio Page CRS value is now green instead of white
– CDU: Pressing the CLB> or DES> page links on the forecast pages will always return you to the VNAV page you came from.
– CDU: More accurate “blanked” versions of the VNAV pages.
– CDU: Fix a bug where setting the assumed temp on the TAKEOFF REF page did not set the thrust mode appropriately.
– CDU: Climb thrust mode no longer syncs to takeoff thrust mode when reentering the THRUST LIM page.
– CDU: Fixed a bug that might navigate back to the LEGS page immediately after starting the creation of a hold.
– CDU: The QUAD/RADIAL field on the HOLD page parses entries more accurately.
– CDU: The RUNWAY POS field displays meters when the game unit is metric.
– CDU: CRZ ALT is now properly synced between CDUs.
– CDU: Distances to go now truncate rather than round.
– CDU: Do not show direct to indications in LEGS page when a direct to is performed internally by other FMS modifications.
– CDU: Vertical track error now blanks when invalid.
– CONTROLS: Engaging reverse thrust via the toggle control input should now work more reliably.
– EICAS: Added TCAS OFF advisory message.
– EICAS: Fixed multiple bugs in AUTOBRAKE EICAS alerts.
– FLIGHT MODEL: Slight increase in braking efficiency.
– FMC: ROLLOUT and FLARE modes now disarm/disengage when the AP is disengaged.
– FMC: Corrected approach mode engagement/disengagement logic.
– FMC: Fixed a bug where the pre-flight phase was skipped.
– FMC: Fixed a bug where fix info was able to look past the first intersection if another fix info page was used.
– FMC: Fix info abeam points are now deleted when passed.
– FMC: Fix info no longer looks at legs behind the plane.
– FMC: When initializing a cruise descent, restriction and transition speed limits are deleted if the new cruise altitude is lower than their corresponding ones.
– FMC: Fix info predictions are now available for the active leg.
– FMC: Fixed a bug where approach phase would not activate with flaps 1.
– FMC: Fixed a bug where an altitude intervention in cruise could result in an early descent rather than a cruise descent.
– FMS: Lat/long where value is 000 now works
– MCP: Corrected LOC/FAC and APP light logic.
– ND: Updated VOR/APP Modes: DME, CRS, FREQ/IDENT to show correct VOR values for VOR R on FO ND, and to show correct ILS values when in APP or APPCTR mode
– PFD: The VNAV speed band is now not shown during approach phase.
– SYSTEMS: Fixed issues with thrust calculations that could lead to erroneous CLB1 and 2 values
– VNAV: Fixed a bug where the auto-descent would not occur if the MCP altitude was adjusted closer than 10 NM from T/D.
– VNAV: The thrust/drag required messages now occur at the correct speeds in approach phase.
– VNAV: The top of the speed band is now VMO/MMO – 11 knots rather than 16 knots.
– VNAV: Fixed various issues causing the descent path to not be calculated correctly when modifying VNAV parameters after sequencing T/D.
– SIM: Chase cam HUD HSI and selected altitude are now showing accurate data.
– FMC: CLB thrust limit is now retained in cruise, and selected when climbing.
– FMC: Selecting a new approach while flying an approach procedure should no longer break the approach speeds in the new approach.
– CDU: Clearing a CDU message now clears it on all CDUs.
– SYS: Fixed issue where LANDING ALTITUDE message appears when in AUTO.
– CDU: DES DIR and DES NOW now work when the CDU is on the left or right MFDs.
– CDU: Fixed VOR tuning data when the CDU was on the left or right MFD.
– CHECKLISTS: Added ‘Recirculation Fans ON’ to Preflight checklist
– FBW: Fixed an issue where FBW could snap back to an older trim setting one time upon disengaging autopilot
– FBW: Reduced pitch and roll sensitivity
– FBW: Fixed an issue where trim speed would not change at the correct rate
– FMC: Corrected the flaps 1 holding speeds.
– FPL: Fixed certain instances where changing or removing a procedure containing the active flight plan leg would cause the active leg’s flight path to change unexpectedly.
– HUD: Guidance cue is now not shown when the flight director is off.
– MFD: Fixed an issue where the passenger count on the AIR page wouldn’t be updated
– ND: Fixed issue on Xbox in CTR mode where the ‘18’ compass number was not visible.
– PFD: Changed baro setting alert background to black.
– PFD: Limited LS deviation indicator to prevent going too far outside the bounding box, to match the real unit.
– PFD/HUD: Fixed a bug where the AFDS baro source was displayed as L even with no AP or FD engaged.
– SYSTEMS: Primary hydraulic pumps now only run in AUTO mode after the second engine is started.
– TOOLTIPS: Updated AP Alt Knob Push tooltip description.
– SYS: Fixed an issue where HIGH CABIN ALT MODE would appear in the wrong conditions.

The Premium Deluxe Edition includes everything from the Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe edition plus 5 additional highly accurate planes with unique flight models and 5 additional handcrafted international airports.

Premium Deluxe Additional Aircraft:

• Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
• Cirrus Aircraft SR22
• Pipistrel Virus SW 121
• Textron Aviation Cessna Citation Longitude
• Zlin Aviation Shock Ultra



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