Bijan Studio – Four Season Pack v7.0.0

Note: See install.txt after extracting! Make sure to remove all of your previous Four Season Pack files as always.
– New software to automatically install seasons, terrain masks and other mods listed in the software.It also features an “Auto season” feature which selects and installs the current season and will change to next season every 45 days since there are 8 seasons now. (For those who are using addonliker, you can still use it but not together with this new software)

– Four new in between seasons for smoother transition between seasons:
– “Late Winter – Early Spring” – opposite season in the southern hemisphere. Mixed winter and spring colors trees. Spring trees don’t have any blossoms in this set.
– “Late Fall – Early Winter” – opposite season in the southern hemisphere.More vivid and brighter fall colors mixed with brown winter trees.
– “Late Summer – Early Fall” – opposite season in the southern hemisphere.Green summer trees mixed with yellow/orange fall colors.
– “Late Spring – Early Summer” – opposite season in the southern hemisphere. Mix of spring color trees with summer green trees.

– Southern Florida updates:
– Updated trees and added 3d modes of new dead trees, trees with moss hanging, mangrove trees, cattail grass, tall grass, water lilies.
– Can be searched in POI within sim. Search for “everglades”.

– Water Mask in Kauai, Hawaii. By Lihue airport.
– Water mask will now be part of 4 season pack. Every update, there will be a new water mask.

– 3d tree folder is now part of seasons folders. There is no longer a separate folder for 3d trees. You can delete the existing 3d tree folder.
– New model asset folder has been added which should be installed from the new app or manually.

– Replaced photogrammetry trees with 3d bare winter trees around Eiffel Tower in Paris.
– Added updated fall trees in alps (see POI)
– Enhanced winter colors in Rio, Brazil
– Removed white frozen trees in Alaska
– Removed tall trees from near runway 01 in TDCF
– Reduced winter tree colors in parts of mid California
– Removed palms from Tasmanian in summer season.


• Automatic season installer and auto season changer.
• Over 70 new multi ecosystems featuring over 45 trees, shrubs and bushes which are placed in the world based on native vegetation.
• Spring flower blossoms in all cities.
• Flower fields for spring season in many parts of the world, UK, Africa, Asia, Europe, USA
• New tree distribution by elevation.
• Photogrammetry trees removal from cities (a new project)
• Experimental “Terrain Mask” for fall and winter seasons that covers 48 countries. (see readme.txt)
• New snow mask so roads and runways can be cleared of snow in winter snow.
• Four multi seasons. Changes seasons on the opposite side of the hemisphere.
• Real tree model of Joshua trees in Joshua National Park – (24800 Joshua trees).
• New 3d tree (Pinus Sylvestris) (5000 in Norway)
• New Blood Dragon trees in Socotra Island, Yemen (3000 Trees)
• Famous Hills in China by Li River
• Rocky cliff islands.
• 3d winter trees in small patches in specific areas only.
• 3d Plumeria trees in Honolulu, Hawaii
• 17,000 Rhododendron 3d trees in mountain of Nepal in Sagarmatha National Park
• Baobab 3d trees in Madagascar
• Wildflowers and flower farms in Amsterdam and Africa, and UK for spring season.
• Covers the whole earth.
• True to life size trees
• Cleared trees in 100’s of runways.
• Barely have any impact on performance.
• Easy install in community folder.
• Over 60 different shapes and species of trees and bushes. You will discover more variety of trees in most places. You will now find various sizes and colors of palm trees in tropical areas. Trees have been added to many areas based on native trees. Many conifer trees that were placed in wrong areas have been removed and replaced with deciduous trees. Many of the very tall trees have been replaced with shorter ones.
• Every season changes colors depending on region. conifers in north Canada or Alaska and other colder areas will remain green no matter what season you choose.
• Tropical areas will stay green all year long.
• All trees now have normal and natural size, depending on region. Some trees have been enlarged (mostly within cities to match real life trees. Some trees have been reduced in other places. This is done based on research and studying images from Google and Bing data. You will notice denser vegetation in most areas.


Note These download links are suited for Premium members only


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