Black Square, MSFS 2020 Airport, MSFS 2020 Misc, North America

Black Square – Real Taxiways USA – Military Airfields v1.0.0

Warning: If you’re using REX Simulations Real Global Airport Textures or Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics, do not use the “bksq-misc-real-taxiways-optional-textures” folder, they are conflicting with each other.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has ushered in a new era of airport scenery. Airports now resemble their real-world counterparts enough to be easily recognisable, but inaccurate taxiway names, unrealistic signs and objects placed in the middle of taxiways immediately destroy immersion. Black Square’s Real Taxiways has been designed by real-world aviation professionals to fix these problems, resulting in unique airport signage that is functionally identical to its real-world counterparts.

If you’ve ever struggled while navigating the taxiways of an airport in MSFS because online ATC instructions or taxiway diagrams didn’t match the signs around your aircraft, this is the product for you. With Real Taxiways you will be able to navigate airports using real-world taxiway diagrams and online ATC while you learn the nuances of airport surface navigation.

Real Taxiways is extremely frame rate friendly – you won’t experience any performance penalty at all!

You can exclude any airport (or airports) from your Real Taxiways installation if you wish, avoiding conflicts with freeware, payware and World Update airports.


• 100+ airports updated with 10,000+ taxiway signs!
• Real-world taxiway names
• Near real-world taxiway sign placement
• Multiple variations of all sign types
• Double-sided taxiway signs
• Sign sizes are appropriate to the airport
• Hundreds of airport sign ‘personalities’ for an authentic experience
• No signs obstructing taxiways or runways
• Drastically reduced lights on active taxiways at airports without green centerline lighting (~90%)
• Signs easily readable from cockpit without zooming
• LAHSO markings removed where they are not present in the real world (present at almost every runway intersection by default)
• Destination signs match real-world charts
• Closed taxiways updated and signs added
• Sign text padding corrected and more readable

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