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Captain Sim – Boeing 717–200 Base Pack v1.1.0.3

– Engine/Alerts display (EAD) completely redesigned
– Flight characteristics match SimBrief flight plan data
– Flightplan import from SimBrief fixed and improved (use FS2020 SimBrief export)
– Flightplan fuel calculation fixed and improved
– Flight dynamics improved
– Engine start ignition fixed
– Flaps/takeoff speed calculation fixed
– Gross weight and fuel indication fixed
– Menu/Animation screen fixed and improved
– Autopilot’s Flare Mode improved
– System Control Panel (SCP) button power fixed
– ND: Click left/right side changing RANGE
– ND: Shift+Click changing MAP/PLAN Mode
– Brakes fixed
– Airspeed Indicator stall speed tape fixed
– A/T AUTOPILOT DISENGAGE blinking added
– MAG/TRU, TRFC at F/O side fixed
– FMA and Altimeter Indicator improved
– FMC CLR Long click fixed
– FMC Ident Page improved
– Audible warnings and notifications in the cockpit added:
– Altitude, autopilot disengage, cabin altitude landing gear, overspeed, slat overspeed, speed break, stabilizer motion, stall warning, break, slats, spoilers, stabilizer, rudder trim
The 717-200 Base Pack delivers a set of two highly detailed digital replicas of the Boeing 717-200 with Rolls-Royce BR715 engines.


• High resolution textures
• Cabin with 3D windows, interior, and animated pilots
• Realistic animations
• Captain Sim House livery

Cockpit and Cabin:

• Classic 717-200 flight deck, brand-new model built from scratch including high resolution textures

• Essential functionality simulated, as well as:
• Autopilot
• Electrical system
• Hydraulic system
• Fuel system
• Air system
• Flight-Control system
• Engine Start system
• Lighting

• Some systems linked to default systems
• Custom views

• Supports most features of MSFS 2020 (rain/icing effects, sound, flight model and more)



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