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CJ Simulations – Eurofighter Typhoon v0.1.5

– Implemented CFD Simulation
– Reviewed lift vs AOA slope coefficients
– Corrected empty weight Center Gravity position
– Tweaked PiD values to mitigate undesired roll tiltings
– Updated CheckLists
– Corrected Light Taxi/landing position to off state by defaultΒ when Cold & Dark
– Fuel shutoff valves switches set to off by default when Cold & Dark
– APU now is tied to GPU system if available in order to avoid drain battery if engines are still not started

– New Liveries Added (Special Credits to Reaper7645, BombShell270 & SikXskillZ as the authors of these):
– RAF Factory, No Squadron
– Italian Air Force, 2021 Nato Tiger Meet
– Spanish Airforce, Ala 14, last Typhoon Delivered
– Italian Air Force 37 Stormo
– Italian Air Force 100
– Italian Air Force 100, Display

– Fixes on current Liveries:
– RAF 100 Anniversary 29Sqn –> Boresight Pilot name added along with logo
– RAF Battle of Britain 75yrs –> Entire Re-do addition of weathering and leakage
– RAF D-Day Stripes –> Plane shading added, names added under the canopy
– Austrian Air Force –> Fuel tanks now bare “Call 121.5mhz” for QRA comms
– RAF 3Sqn Centenery –> Added missiing spinal paint and canopy paint, shading added to aircraft, Pilot name added under the canopy

– Spine paint corrected to allign:
– RAF 11Sqn Centenery –> Added missiing spinal paint and canopy paint, shading added to aircraft. Spine fully covered

– Luftwaffe Liveries:
– Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 73 –> German Blue coating added to tanks and nose cone fixed
– Luftwaffe JG5 Anniversary –> German Blue coating added to tanks and nose cone fixed
– Luftwaffe JG71 Black Tulip –> German Blue coating added to tanks. Black paint added to the spine and nose cone fixed
– Luftwaffe JG71 Boelcke –> German Blue coating added to tanks and nose cone fixed
– Luftwaffe Tiger Meet, Display tanks –> Added a mirror of Ghost tiger to hold display tanks

– Corrected Thumbnails for Luftwaffe Tiger Meet, 2013
– Common: Standard tanks have been modified to carry warning signs and fuel caps
– Fixed a graphical flaw in all liveries in where part of the texture near the refuel probe was overlapping with the nose of the aircraft

CJ Simulations are proud to announce their first aircraft collection for Microsoft Flight Simulator – the Eurofighter Typhoon!

Fully native MSFS aircraft

The Typhoon has been coded with Microsoft Flight Simulator native ‘Model Behaviors’ animations and built to MSFS operational specifications to minimise issues with future simulator upgrades.

The CJ Simulations Typhoon is fully compliant with MSFS native materials and makes use of the new simulator’s features such as rain effects and sounds, fully reflective glass, native aerodynamic sound structures, the new ‘Modern’ aerodynamics system and customised visibility controls for wheel chocks and covers.

Other features include authentic night lighting which includes user-operated ‘slime lights’ for combat operations and custom-coded animations for flaperons and slats based on aircraft airspeed and angle of attack.

Numerous external animations include canopy, crew ladder, tail hook and all control surfaces, along with a customised delta and canard flight model based on real-world data for the Typhoon.

The Typhoon is also fully compliant with Virtual Reality headsets.


β€’ Truly 3D virtual cockpit featuring accurately modelled ejection seat, controls and detailed texturing
β€’ Instruments constructed in 3D with smooth animations
β€’ Custom-coded MFD screens and Head-Up Display to match the real Typhoon’s displays
β€’ ‘Scratched canopy’ glass effects and reflective glass
β€’ Crew figure in the virtual cockpit is coded to disappear when you occupy their seat



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