Davor Puljevic, Europe, MSFS 2020 Airport

Davor Puljevic – LDSP Split Airport v2.0.0

Warning: This airport conflicts with Orbx’s LDSP airport, only use one of the two (Orbx recommended).

This is v2.0 scenery version (without apron signs flickering in TAA mode)

Split airport(LDSP) is one of the three main airports in Croatia (LDZA, LDDU and LDSP). Airport is situated near the Adriatic coast with very interesting approaches, because of the surrounding mountains and the beautiful landscape.

During the last two years, airport has been mostly rebuilt with a completely new terminal, which was opened last summer. This scenery includes all modifications and reconstructions of the actual airport. As the airport is located on a sloping terrain, some facilities are at different levels, which is extremely precisely modeled in the scenario. Also, the runway is not flat, than it is significantly multiple sloped in the shape of the letter S, which was also reconstructed in detail.The scenery further includes hundreds of custom objects (old town Trogir, shipyard, bridges, churches, custom trees etc).

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