Flightbeam Studios, MSFS 2020 Airport, North America

Flightbeam Studios – KDEN Denver International Airport v1.4.0

Warning: This airport clashes with Asobo Studio’s KDEN airport, only use one of the two (Flightbeam Studios recommended).

v1.4.0 Changelog:
– Significant revamp of the terrain system, fixes to flatten bumps and various taxiway issues
– Custom ortho imagery for better blending
– Added various custom objects in airport perimeter
– Many fixes to models and textures for improved visuals
– Fixed terrain for track tunneling
– Custom ILS navaids
v1.0.3 Changelog:
– Improved night lighting
– Added red beacons on top of towers
– Enabled ground PBR (will be visible with MSFS’s new update)
– Fixed missing glass canopy from the Hotel
– Added custom parking lot textures next to main terminal
– Fixed Asobo’s KDEN bleed through/duplicate buildings (no more need to manually delete files)
– Smoothed out many taxiways and unrealistic inclines/bumps
– Fixed Taxiway naming, ATC now gives full taxiway directions
– Optimized traffic flow for aircraft and traffic
– Fixed various parking gates/ramps
– Fixed runway 26 papi showing no proper indications
– Fix various object placements

Welcome to a new generation of Flight Simulation. KDEN is one of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s (2020) first addon airports.

We’ve taken all the latest tech and gave Denver International Airport a major makeover, with all new PBR materials, sloped runways and the absolute latest visuals which ultimately immerse you in the largest land-sized airport in the United States.
KDEN is based off a lengthy on-site survey of the actual airport and captures all the important details of the airport, everything from the majestic Jeppesen Terminal, to the blue mustang, to the vast hills and sloped terrain which makes KDEN one of the most unique airports in the country.

Features the new Contrail installation system.
All materials handcrafted into latest PBR shaders
Custom terraforming to represent KDEN’s hills, dips and bumps
High definition sloped runways which include bumps as well as slopes
An immense amount of new clutter around gates, more than twice as much as P3D/FSX
Features MSFS’s leading edge, lush grass system
Fully optimized and performance friendly dynamic night lighting
Includes animated tarmac workers which interact with your aircraft at the gate
Based on an on-site, real world survey of the airport

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