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Flightscape Designs – Bahrain Landmarks v1.0.0

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As an island in the middle of the gulf, Bahrain is one of the unique destinations in the gulf, it’s a 45-minute flight away from Dubai and serves as a central hub for DHL cargo operations in the middle east. It has a unique set of architectural buildings such as the financial harbor, the four seasons hotel, and the Bahrain world trade center.

We at Flightscape Designs capture that by offering a set of models made to mimic the beauty and uniqueness of Bahrain, we have offered detailed models and textures to create the most immersive experience arriving and departing to and from Bahrain. We designed detailed models and textures for the four seasons hotel and its surroundings, Bahrain financial harbor, the whole diplomatic area, the Bahrain bay area as well as the whole city of Manama with a set of 70+ models alone with custom night lighting that will create the most immersive expresses flying either day or night.

Furthermore, custom night lighting for the area around the airport makes landing at runway 30R a very immersive experience and more features to explore.

We also modeled the airport parks at the end of runway 30R to make approaching the end of the runway as close to the real thing as possible.

Custom vegetation was added along with custom terraforming to the city.


• High-detail custom landmarks of Bahrain like the four seasons hotel and its surroundings, Bahrain financial harbor, the whole diplomatic area, and the Bahrain bay area
• Medium detail custom models covering the whole city of Manama
• Custom PBR textures for all the buildings
• Custom night lighting for buildings
• Details models of the area around Bahrain international airport
• Custom night lights for the roads around Bahrain International airport
• static elements such as road signs, vegetarians, car parks, and logos of buildings
• The three main bridges are modeled with custom night lighting

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