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FlyLogic – LSZQ Bressaucourt Airport v1.0.3

Bressaucourt is 536 m above sea level, four kilometers southwest of the district capital Porrentruy (air line). The former street line village extends on a hilltop on the northern slope of the Jura chain of the Lomont in the Ajoie, near the border with France. The airfield was released for general operations on July 1, 2011, officially inaugurated on September 7, 2013 and replaces the Porrentruy airfield in Courtedoux, which only has a grass runway.

For the construction of the runway, the area was filled in in 2009 with excavated material that arose from the construction of the neighboring motorway.


Floor layout with all taxiways and parking positions
Orthophoto (aerial) with 25 cm resolution
Detailed building models with dynamic night lighting
Animated windsock turns in the wind
Animated people
Static planes and vehicles
The LSZY airfield no longer exists in MSFS
VFR object: motorway bridge north of the airfield

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