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FlyLogic – LSZS Samedan Airport v1.0.1

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Note: This airport conflicts with Orbx LSZS airport, only use one of the two.
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Engadin Airport (LSZS) is a VFR airport with IFR traffic in an impressive high alpine mountain landscape. The highest airport in Europe places particularly high demands on pilots and machines. That is why there is a special instruction obligation for approach and departure from and to LSZS.

The airport no longer has regular scheduled operations, but it is served by various private jet providers, especially in winter. There is a lot of gliding traffic. The airfield is also popular with parachutists and similar sports, which start from here in the Bernina group. The flight school of the Oberengadin Motorfluggruppe is also located on the site.

The airport is open during the day all year round and has customs clearance and a hangar. The runway is long enough for comparatively large aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Super Constellation to land there. However, the slope is not always snow-free. Due to the location in the mountains, a snow groomer is part of the snow clearing vehicle fleet. Around 14,000 to 22,000 flight movements take place at the airport every year.

The airfield does not have an instrument landing system, so landing can only be done by sight. In connection with the location in a narrow mountain valley, the extraordinary height above sea level for Europe and difficult wind conditions, the landing is considered to be particularly demanding.


• All airfield buildings and the floor layout are designed realistically and in great detail based on current image material
• High-resolution PBR textures, mostly 2048×2048 pixels
• Gates of Hangar 2 open at 9am and close at 6pm
• Detailed interior in Hangar 2 with static aircraft
• Realistic building lighting in the dark
• LOD’s for 3D models and textures for optimal running speed (frame rate)
• Collision detection for all buildings and larger objects
• The Rhaetian Railway of the Albula line runs in the south-west approach area
• Animated people
• Windsocks indicate wind strength and direction
• Umbrellas in the airport restaurant are open or closed depending on the season
• Buildings in the vicinity, such as a riding stable with horses in the paddock, farms, etc.
• Goods handling and ABVO with buildings, loading crane and goods wagons
• Compatible with the current version of Flight Simulator for PC
• Note: The runway and taxiways have no lighting, only PAPI’s on both sides!
• German manual – Manuel en français – English manual

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