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FSX3D – LFNA Gap Tallard Airport v0.0.8

The aerodrome of Gap – Tallard (IATA code: GAT β€’ ICAO code: LFNA) is an aerodrome open to public air traffic (CAP) 1, located in the municipality of Tallard 12 km south-southwest
of Gap in the Hautes-Alpes (Provence-Alpes-CΓ΄te d’Azur region, France).

It is used for the practice of leisure activities and tourism (light aviation, glider, helicopter, skydiving and ballooning).


The land where the aerodrome is located, consists of an alluvial plain5, at the confluence of the Durance and Rousine. The western part is along the 85 national road. 1 kilometer further south is the La Saulce motorway junction, the northern end of the A51.
Map of Gap Airfield – Tallard

The aerodrome has four runways oriented south-north (02/20):

β€’ A bitumen track 965 meters long and 30 wide;
β€’ A grass track 700 meters long and 80 wide, reserved for gliders and paratroopers for their landings. They are located on both sides of the paved mini-track. ;
β€’ A mini asphalt track 443 meters long and 10 meters wide, reserved for microlights and gliders.

The aerodrome is not controlled but has a flight information service (AFIS) and an automatic broadcast service (ATIS). The calls are made on 129.325 MHz for ATIS and 119.100 MHz for AFIS. Taxiways link the main runway with the various infrastructures of the aerodrome and with the aeropole6, area of ??economic activity mainly oriented towards aeronautics. There is also a refueling station (UL 91, 100LL and Jet A1) and a restaurant. To the west of the runways is a landing area for skydiving. In addition, all the airspace of this western part of the aerodrome is reserved for this sporting activity7.


The main activity of the aerodrome is based on the practice of air sports. In 2004, nearly 80,000 movements were recorded2, more than 100,000 since 2010. These movements correspond to commercial (public transport) and non-commercial movements (flying clubs, private individuals, training flights). 8. It is the only and main European multi-sports air center9. The aerology of the surrounding valleys and the local climate (more than 300 days of sunshine a year) make the platform a popular sports venue.


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