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Hangar Studios 713 – Camair 480 Twin Navion v2.1.0

– New Windshield & FX
– Fixed Beacon FX
– New Radio Stack Model
– Resized GPS & XPDR models
– Changed Min Req Throttle RPM
– Fixed Clock Animations
– Fixed Co-Pilot Position

• Highly detailed custom model made with Substance Painter PBR textures
• 8K textures used for 4K implementation
• 100% animation/clickable objects – nothing is inoperable*
• 12 liveries total (6 Standard & 6 PMS50 – GTN750 mod specific)
• KAP140 Auto Pilot
• Full Comms/Navs stacks (KX 155 TSO))& KR 87 TSO ADF & DME
• Standard model includes AS530 GPS/GTX330 XPDR
• Dual Airspeed/Attitude/Altimeter/RPM/CDI/Oil Temp-Press & CHT Steam Gauges
• Multiple fuel options with tips/main l/r crossfeed and transfers with quantity gauges
• Automatic fuel pumps
• Dimmable interior lighting FX- Gauges/Pedestal/Pilot/Co-Pilot/Cabin/Panel
• Exterior lights with custom FX to brighten up your world
• Swappable Pilots with clickables
• Nose Cargo accessible and animated canopy with speed limitations(15kts)
• Highly detailed controls both Interior & Exterior
• 16 Functioning Circuit Breakers
• Emissive lighting throughout the entire plane
• 2 Checklists included with documentation 1 for MSFS and 1 for GTN750
• Tested by Owner/Pilot of an original Ryan Navion
• Realistic flight dynamics with weight and balance & COG options
• Failures available
• Plane can be flown in all VFR and IFR conditions
• Airframe De-Icing/Prop De-Icing
• Download includes Camair 480 Manual/Checklists & PMS50 GTN750 Checklist
• 3D Modeled in Blender
• Cockpit includes 2 models – One with AS530/GTX330 (6 Liveries) and One with GTN750 (6 Liveries) Both with numerous steam gauges
• Sound is stock Asobo/Microsoft DA62
• SDK & General Assets – Asobo/Microsoft

*Due to MSFS 2020 Limitations not all functions are available for implementation in the GPS/Avionic units per manufacturer specifications



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