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Hangar Studios 713 – Ryan Navion B v1.0.4

– Added New PMS50 GTN750/650 Combo and TDS SIM GTNXI 750/650 with Swap
– New Lighting FX and Textures
– New Cockpit Textures
– Adjusted Livery Textures
Ryan Navion B – North American’s post war boom of civilian aircraft introduced the Ryan Navion and many variants were soon to follow. The Ryan Navion B was the 3rd installment of the Navions and have been flown throughout history. The 2nd aircraft(payware) for Hangar Studios 713 includes the Ryan Navion B A.K.A. Ryan Navion Super 260. It has a 260 HP Continental IO-520 fuel injected engine. I’ve also included the Battery/ELT, multiple gas tank checks, hydraulic reservoir and oil dipstick animations plus cargo options and many more – Its all there for you to look at in MSFS 2020 and simulate a pre-flight checklist!


• Up to 8K resolution PBR textures
• 3D modeled with over 2 Million Polygons modeled after a real Navion B with multiple real aviation pilots/owners input/testing
• 10 Highly detailed liveries 4 of which are exactly from real Navions
• All clickables are animated and operational
• Detailed checklist with 16 categories and 128 checks both through the simulators checklist drop down and in-sim tablet page (For reference)
• Included Manual in the aircrafts documentation file
• Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) as well as new Propeller animations with a proper side blur
• Reference speeds included in checklist(tablet), and above the airspeed indicator(placard)
• Tablet included with airplane diagram and directory of all usable clickables(Tablet functions them as well)
• Custom Instrument camera views for doing the preflight walk around and interaction with clickables
• Experimental Instrument Hood – To help learn to fly IFR
• Custom Lighting FX/ Windshield FX/ Startup Smoke FX
• Optional Tip Tanks/Window Dividers/Windshield inserts done completely in-sim – No different livery/model needed. Can be swapped out on the fly
• Optional pilots with both clickables and weight/load control
• Multiple gauges with high definition lighting and exact precision and are also fully animated
• GNS430/530 default GPS units with swappable GTN750(PMS50) or GTNXI(TDS SIM) All with native Working Title integration
• New KAP140 Auto Pilot used with open source code(works like the real KAP140)
• GTX330 Transponder, GMA350 Audio Panel, & AS87 ADF
• Complete Hydraulic control with emergency gear lock and pump handle(Sim Limitations)
• Working circuit breakers
• Detailed landing gear textures/3D model with nose steering capabilities and suspension animations
• Animated canopy with real Navion override lever to fly with the top back – Engine sounds not included(with canopy open), but ambient sounds will change
• Stall horn and panel annunciators for fuel warning and oil temp
• VR enhanced

Rapidgator Premium


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