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Just Flight – Fokker F28 Professional v0.1.3

Note: See README.txt after extracting! Please follow the activation procedure again even if you used previous versions of this aircraft.
v0.1.3 / v1.3.0
– Left/Right autopilot oscillations when flying with no GNS530 selected – Fixed
– ASI barber pole not calibrated at higher altitude – Fixed
– Overspeed warning horn not calibrated with barber pole at higher altitudes – Fixed
– Texture issue in Mk.2000 forward cabin – Fixed
– Small model gap between the wing leading edge and fuselage fairing on the Mk.4000 starboard wing – Fixed
– Incorrect Cabin Crew Panel “PHONE” switch animation on Mk.1000/Mk.2000/Mk.3000 – Fixed
– Various Xbox compatibility improvements in preparation for PC and Xbox In-Game Marketplace release.
– EFB error when importing a SimBrief flight plan with more than one alternate airport – Fixed
– Reduced brightness of Autopilot buttons for better clarity at night.
– Aircraft weight not decreasing on Digital Fuel Flow Indicator – Fixed
– Inboard flap track fairing animation not animating on 3000 variant – Fixed
– Various minor livery fixes
– Operations Manual updated
Following on from their award-winning 146 Professional for MSFS, the Just Flight in-house team has developed this high fidelity simulation of the F28 regional jet following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real world aircraft, ex-PH-CHN at AM&TS (Curio) Woensdrecht.

Just Flight are excited to bring you all four production variants of the F28: the Mk 1000 to the Mk 4000. Announced in 1962, the F28 Mk 1000 first flew in 1967 and entered airline service in 1969. The Mk 2000, 3000 and 4000 variants followed in the 1970s and featured increases in fuselage length and wingspan. Production ended in 1987. The aircraft proved to be popular and entered airline service around the world, with a small number of military operators still flying the type into the mid-2020s.

The Just Flight F28 Professional features incredibly detailed models with 4K and 8K textures for the highest possible texture detail and clarity. Realistic animations include dynamic wing-flex, all passenger, service and cargo doors, and the distinctive lift dumpers and tail-mounted airbrake.

In the cockpit, the Captain, Co-Pilot and jump seat positions are modelled, with every switch, knob and lever animated and functional. A highly detailed and accessible passenger cabin and galley are included and include fully interactable forward galley controls for door operation, cabin lights, cabin-to-cockpit calls, cabin temperature and even a music system!

The aircraft features complex custom-coded systems based on real-world FCOMs, including hydraulic, electrical, fuel and pressurisation systems. Wear and tear based on extensive reference photos and a 3D Wwise sound set provide an authentic cockpit environment, with highly realistic flight dynamics for each variant completing the immersive experience.



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