Just Flight – LEPA Palma de Mallorca Airport v1.1.2

Warning: This airport conflicts with JustSim’s LEPA airport, only use one of the two (Just Flight recommended).
– New textures for all south terminal buildings now showing separate concrete plates and weathering
– New textures for the north terminal now showing weathering and more details
– Several buildings positioned near the apron have been re-textured to give a less clean look
– Some new objects and details added to some of the buildings
– Corrected positioning of glass on walkways at north terminal
– Added a missing wall at North Terminal
– Corrected positioning of palm trees in front of main terminal building
– Recoloration of parts of south runway (more realistic)
– Improvement of night lighting around and inside buildings
Palma de Mallorca is the capital of Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands. Mallorca is home to beautiful mountain ranges and countless beaches and has a very warm climate throughout the year. As a result it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

During the height of the tourist season (July, August and September) Palma de Mallorca Airport (LEPA/PMI) handles up to 1.200 aircraft movements and 180.000 passengers per day. Aircraft visiting the airport range from small turboprops to 747s and A340s.

This scenery was developed by a very small team consisting of real-world pilots who are actually based at LEPA. Every effort has been made to represent the airport as realistically as possible. All buildings are custom-built and almost all of the smaller objects have been created individually.


β€’ Over 300 custom-built buildings and 3D objects
β€’ PBR texturing on all important buildings
β€’ Highly detailed buildings with interiors where applicable
β€’ Custom ground textures including custom ground markings for taxiways, aprons and surrounding streets
β€’ Significant buildings and objects near the airport and on the approach paths
β€’ Corrected ILS for all runways
β€’ Animated hangar doors
β€’ Animated elevators and escalators (at main entrance)
β€’ Custom jetway bridges
β€’ Working VDGS (Visual Guiding Docking System)
β€’ Realistic night lighting.
β€’ Accurate parking positions and taxiways, including General Aviation
β€’ Accurate ground handling vehicles
β€’ Airport is populated with hundreds of additional static ramp vehicles, baggage containers, buses and many other objects
β€’ Tested and optimised for lower end PCs



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