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JustSim – LOWK Klagenfurt Airport v1.0.0

Warning: This airport conflicts with Asobo Studio’s LOWK airport, only use one of the two (JustSim recommended).

In spring 2014 the airport’s home carrier Austrian Airlines announced the closure of their ticketing and service counters at Klagenfurt Airport due to decreasing demand, additional services will be instead provided directly at the check-in counters. In April 2015, Austrian Airlines also announced that a closure of their domestic route to Vienna is under consideration within the next few years based on economic reasons. In the same year, the state government announced plans to partly sell its stakes in the airport to private investors.

As the airport suffered from a major decrease of passenger numbers in recent years it has been suggested by the management to establish major logistics and cargo operators here, which might be supported by the freight shipment operations handled at the relatively closely located harbours of the Adriatic Sea. The airport already features road and rail connections.[6] However, Austrian Airlines stated later that the airport is not sufficient for cargo operations due to noise complaints and the night curfew.

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