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LatinVFR – Airbus A319ceo v2.1.4

– Simbrief FP download implementation into CDU (on EFB Simbrief menu)
– Fixed issue with descent mode wrongly activating
– Fixed issue with engines shutting off when fuel exhausted in center tank.
– VNAV descent rate fix
– TOGA/FLX setting now is realistic
– Realistic engine thrust table used
– CLB thrust enabled only when CLB thrust set (previously automatic)
The Airbus A319 is the shortened version of the popular A320. Launched in 1995 the aircraft was soon very popular among the airlines for its versatility and commonality with the bigger A320.
The A319ceo in this package has various versions, and in this package you will have 4.
The Airbus A319 with CFM engines, the A319 with IAE engines, the A319CJ which is the Airbus Corporate Jet both CFM and IAE engines with its extended range and dedicated private interior.
The A319 has a range of 3750 nm, and the A319CJ a range of 6750nm.


• This package includes over 54 liveries for more than 44 airlines. The vast majority of which representing real world operators of the A319ceo, all with dedicated interior matching the airline with logos. The A319CJ has its private interior, made with the blueprints of a real A319CJ
• Detailed aircraft interior matching each airline, with night lighting, Animated passengers, animated cabin crew in all aircraft increasing the immersion while you fly
• Systems and flight deck are based on the default Asobo A320neo
• Customs sounds for both the CFM and IAE engine variant
• Custom flight models for the 4 different variants and engine types
• Wing flex
• Flight dynamics and performance characteristics based on the A319ceo
• Customized ground service equipment such as air conditioner, stairs, available whenever ground power is selected and active in ground services



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