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LatinVFR – Airbus A330–900neo v1.0.5

– New sound pack
– New ground roll sounds, cockpit shakes, rain effect, wind inside. Flap, gear drag sounds
– Cockpit ambience sounds with avionics and fans.
– Touch down sounds changed.
– New GPWS sounds, and callouts , missing minimums callouts added
– Among many other sounds.
– Fixed ground steering issue and other aircraft aerodynamics fixes.
– Removed ASYM LVR warning bug.
– Newly designed and textured cabin walls and galley areas
– Fixed issue with INTEG lights on flight deck.
– Engine performance fix for climb to cruise.
– Among other fixes.
Airbus updated version of the popular Airbus A330ceo, the Airbus A330 neo (stands for New Engine Option) is a more advanced and economical version of its older version. On this package you will enjoy the basic systems worked to enhance your flying experience and enjoy this larger and heavier aircraft which has similitudes to its smaller Airbus aircraft from the A320 family. On this package the larger version of the A330 neo the A330-900 is depicted.
Package consists 42 liveries, many real world operators and some fictional.


• Customized systems of the Airbus A330neo, simulating its basic cockpit functionalities
• Highly detailed external and interior model with high definition textures
• Realistic A330 cockpit with functionality in most of the basic systems
• Simulation of the auto transfer of the Trim tank, based on Aircraft’s CG and auto logic
• Fuel dumping capabilities
• Cabin model with Business class, premium economy, economy seats and galleys
• 42 custom liveries from real world airlines
• Excellent flight dynamics that resemble the Airbus A330-900, characteristics, power management, fuel systems etc
• VNAV implementation
• EFB (electronic flight bag) with weather, aircraft loading, simbrief, navigraph charts, GSE options
• Navigraph charts implementation on EFB. Subscription required
• Navigraph OANS (on-board airport navigation system) implemented on the Navigation display. Subscription required
• Simbrief flight plan injection to CDU. Beta implementation
• Ground service equipment on demand via the EFB
• Cabin interior, depicting the selected airline
• Realistic sounds



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