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Le Aero Design – RKSI Incheon International Airport v0.9.0

Warning: This airport conflicts with PacSim RKSI airport, only use one of the two (PacSim recommended if you want a better airport, Le Aero Design if you want better performance).
Incheon International Airport (Korean: μΈμ²œκ΅­μ œκ³΅ν•­) (IATA: ICN, ICAO: RKSI) is a primary international airport of South Korea.

It has rated as the world’s best international transit airport by Skytrax.
Incheon International Airport’s terminal has 111 boarding gates altogether, with 44 in Terminal 1, 30 in Concourse A (connected to terminal 1), and 37 in Terminal 2.


β€’ Highly detailed 3D models
β€’ Highly detailed ground markings with same size of real airport
β€’ PBR optimized
β€’ Photo-realistic terrain and vector in Yeongjong do
β€’ Highly detailed taxi light with realistic light visibility angle
β€’ Enchanced 3D lighting
β€’ *GSX Pro required* Realistic pushback procedures and VDGS
β€’ Corrected Localizer and Glide Slope path


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