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Navigraph – AIRAC Cycle 2109 rev 2

Note: We have renamed the folder from “navigraph-navdata” to “zzz-navigraph-navdata” to make sure it gets loaded after all airports. As always make sure to remove your old folder before updating.

This is a service to update the FS2020 default navdata.

The primary reason why such a service exists is because users have reported that many airports, procedures, and navaids, are missing or erroneously coded in the FS2020 default navdata.

The secondary reason is that users have reported a preference to Jeppesen data because it corresponds better with the information on Jeppesen charts provided via Navigraph Charts.

Furthermore, referring back to the topic of “Unified Data”: Navigraph is the largest provider of navigational data in the flight simulation community and therefore it is more likely that the data in the simulator will correspond with other services in and around the flight simulation eco system if it is updated with the FS2020 Navdata Update Service from Navigraph.

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