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NetDesign – DAAG Houari Boumediene / Algiers International Airport v1.4.0

Note: See README.txt after extracting!
– More tarmac markings
– Grass and ground texture tweaks
– Bespoke T1-T2 crossing roofs to fix LOD popping
Houari Boumediene International Airport (DAAG) is Algeria’s largest airport, located just south-east of Algiers. The airport has its origins during pre-independence times when it was called Maison Blanche Airport, and the oldest of the terminals still dates from that era. The newest terminal completed in 2019 on the other hand is ultra-modern and is capable of serving A380 aircraft. The airport has a total capacity of up to 16 million passengers per year and has flights to 81 destinations in 31 countries.

NetDesign has painstakingly recreated the entire airport with upwards of 40 custom models including the four terminals, various buildings, vehicles, aircraft and objects. Extensive rework of auto-generated areas behind the airport has been done to blend it with the main terminal areas. The accompanying DAAG Scenery pack features key landmarks such as Maqam Echahid (Martyrs’ Memorial) and Nelson Mandela Stadium which is flown over during the runway 09 approach. The crown jewel is a striking recreating of Djamaa el Djazaïr (the Great Mosque of Algiers), the billion-Euro megaproject which was both controversial for its cost and award-winning for its beautiful architecture. It features a 265 m (869 ft) tall minaret making it the tallest building in Africa and the tallest minaret in the world. Both the mosque and stadium feature real-life helicopter pads which are available as starting positions in the simulator.


• Four bespoke terminals and many buildings such as the train station, hotel and others
• Exceptionally high levels of detail down to the correct tail signs on the permanently stranded and worn-out Sun Air B737’s stationed near the Air Algerie maintenance hangar
• High technical accuracy thanks to much input from the Algerian sim community and aviation professionals
• Very high resolution PBR textures ensuring no loss of detail even when viewing up close
• Multiple texture layers simulating dirt and wear and tear in key areas
• See through interiors optimized to be viewed from outside
• High FPS performance even with AI traffic enabled, achieved by using LODs and middle-out compression
• Carefully applied night lighting to showcase the glass terminals



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