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NetDesign – DAAT Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok / Tamanrasset Airport v2.1.0

– Replaced missing OSM buildings
– Added Su-34 Fullbacks
– Can you find the camel?
Aguenar Airport (DAAT), also known as Tamanrasset Airport or Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport, is a mixed use civilian and military airport in southern Algeria near the city of Tamanrasset. The surrounding region features beautiful desert and mountain landscapes and its location in the middle of the Sahara makes it an excellent stopover during any trip across Africa.

This Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 rendition was created based on the few available photos and satellite imagery. It features three bespoke terminal and tower buildings that were recently constructed or renovated: the main passenger terminal, the control tower and the small building in-between. Adjacent to the airport is an Algerian military base where many buildings were enhanced or added along with carefully edited terrain textures. Enhanced roads, fencing around the entire airport perimeter and hundreds of objects provide a rich backdrop during takeoffs, landing or sightseeing flights. Custom objects including realistic Algerian Air Force aircraft are included for an authentic feel. A nearby solar plant and an ancient tomb POI enhance the region.

The airport itself features two ILS, all ground services, realistic runways and taxi lines based on satellite imagery, ravamped gate numbering, taxi lighting and taxi signs.


• 4K PBR textures in multiple layers
• Parallax windows based on real interior photos
• Many details gleaned from tourist photographs
• Reconstruction of the adjacent military base created using satellite imagery
• Accurate Algerian Air Force Su-30MKA and Mi-8’s on the tarmac featuring markings from real aircraft
• SKTM solar power plant, which can cause glare for planes on runway 8 approach during sunset
• Tin Hinan Tomb POI not far to the west for sightseeing
• ILS 8 (109.7) and ILS 20 (108.5) are functional
• Runway 20 was tilted slightly to mitigate the misaligned default ILS 20 in order to preserve all navaids that came with the default airport
• Redone aprons and markings matching recent satellite images
• Redone taxiway system and airport/street night lighting



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