NextGen Simulations – EMB110 Bandeirante v1.5.0

Note: If your EMB110 avionics are suddenly going black, you are drawing too much battery. You need to turn the ignition switches to normal after start since the game isn’t doing that automatically.
– [Sound] Engine soundset fully remade to be more accurate to its real counterpart.
– [Systems] Added PMS50 GTN750/GTN650 native integration. Requires the GTN addon which is separately downloaded from For PC only.
– [VR Mode] VR experience improved.
– [Platforms] Availability for Xbox. For Xbox, please purchase the product from the Xbox’s MSFS Marketplace.
– [EFB] Redesigned EFB tablet UI. Included option to switch between the Pms50 GTN and the Asobo GNS units.
– [Miscellaneous] Included product documentation with the aircraft files, especially for customers of the Marketplace version.
– [Systems] Fixes to RMI and HSI logic for ADF and/or VOR/LOC navigation.
– [Systems] Fixed VSI display with the addition of Selected VS bug and option to set brightness.
– [Systems] Attitude Indicator now cages with no BATT power and uncages when BATT is powered on.
– [Interactive Checklists] Added missing Engine Start checklist and fixed certain items which were buggy.
– [Cameras] Fixed issue with Quickviews getting stuck.
– [Multiplayer] Fixed invisible plane issue when using the aircraft on Multiplayer mode.
– [3D Geometry] Added missing pilot avatars in cockpit, seen from the Exterior view.
– [3D Geometry] Optimized 3D models, without degrading the overall visual quality and fidelity.
– [3D Geometry] Fixed issue where rain, snow and clouds would enter into the cockpit.
– [3D Geometry] Added tail rod among the ground handling options.
– [3D Geometry] Added cockpit’s openable side window animation on both sides.
– [Effects] Added exhaust heat FX on engine nozzle.
– [General] Fixes made for compatibility with Xbox.
– [General] Other minor bugfixes.
After months of hard work and a very stringent development and testing, NextGen Simulations is thrilled to bring you everyone, the Bandeirante for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the most sophisticated and high-quality rendition ever made of the EMB-110 for this magnificent platform.

Bandeirante consists of a simulated rendition of the EMB-110 Bandeirante and developed for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), developed by Asobo Studio. This product features a professional, yet simplified systems programming, featuring also the full potential of the Garmin GPSs and avionics included by default with the flight simulation platform, allowing you as well to enjoy the simming experience while bringing you a good look-and-feel of this popular aircraft.


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