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Orbx – 1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport v1.1.0

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The latest work from Andreas Hegi, Darrington Municipal Airport has one of the most glorious settings in the entire flight simulator world! Serving Snohomish County and dwarfed by the shadow of the mighty Whitehorse Mountain, this airfield is set in the heart of picturesque Darrington village on the confluence of two rivers. Rich in salmon fishing, wildlife and pristine natural surrounding, it’s a perfect base for your bush flying adventures into the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area and North Cascades National Park.

A totally new rework of one of our most popular PNW sceneries from the FSX era, Andreas has incorporated entirely new content and technology to bring the airport up to 2020 standards. Complete PBR textures, entirely new high-resolution artwork, weather-influenced ground detailing and evocative night lighting are just the beginning. This is far beyond a simple port; every element has been carefully recreated from on-ground source photography. Beyond the airport perimeter, the township is teaming with atmospheric details; plenty of landmarks of the town, as well as substantial corrections to the river watermasking, tree placements and grass around the airport.

Enjoy the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest with Darrington Municipal Airport today!


• Completely new version of 1S2 for MSFS
• Full PBR UHD texturing
• Charming bespoke details
• Plenty of town landmarks and POI
• Completely new weather-influenced ground polygon
• Sloped runway
• Complete dynamic & emissive night lighting
• Improved and updated vegetation and grass
• Ultra high-definition GSE
• One of our most popular destinations of the PNW
• Perfect for VFR flyers
• Developed by Andreas Hegi



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