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Orbx – ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport v1.3.1

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Note: To use VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System), follow the instructions on

Optional Configuration: To remove various objects on the airport, go to “orbx-airport-esgg-gothenburg\scenery\orbx\esgg” and rename the following files:

• Remove Static Aircraft: esgg-statics.bgl ->
• Remove Snowbanks: esgg-snowbanks.bgl ->

Optional Configuration: To remove animated traffic, rename the file at “orbx-airport-esgg-gothenburg\Data\traffic.xml” to “”.

– Removed trees from ramps when users have PG turned off
Renowned developer Marcus Nyberg makes his Microsoft Flight Simulator debut by bringing one of his most popular airfields to the new simulator.

Brimming with exceptional detail and showcasing his masterful texture artistry, Marcus has packed Göteborg with many of the new features available in MSFS, including a complete suite of new PBR materials for all major components. A completely-rebuilt ground poly utilising both custom GP textures and weather-dependent components, updated static aircraft types, a host of new, unique GSE vehicles and many other small updates can be found across the airport. A terrain-defined runway, advanced dynamic lighting, complete AI functionality and stunning hand-coloured custom aerial imagery make use of the new sim’s technology, whilst careful effort has been made to balance 4k detail with optimized performance. And of course, given it’s well-known cold climate, Göteborg Landvetter has been designed with snow-weather compatibility in mind – perfect for your mid-January flights!

Serving as Sweden’s second-busiest airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport serves 7 million passengers annually to local, European and long-haul destinations. Located about 20km from the city centre, ESGG hosts over 40 airline operators, from regional turboprops and jets (Braathens Regional, Widerøe), low-cost carriers (Norwegian, WizzAir, Ryanair), legacy airlines (SAS, Lufthansa, BA, KLM), through to charter and long-haul carriers such as TUI and Qatar. As well as airliners, the airport is home to several corporate, cargo and government operators, not to mention regular visits from the Volvo-chartered An-12! Whether you are more interested in widebody 787/A330 flights, intra-European runs in your 737NGXu or A320, short-haul runs in the CRJ, Q400, BAe146, B717 or your favourite corporate jet, Gothenburg caters to all types of flyers.

We know many of you have been keenly anticipating the first of Marcus’ work in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and with several of his other projects well under way (both existing and all-new destinations), we are confident that Göteborg will be just the first of your Swedish collection!


• Exquisitely detailed depiction of ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
• Functional & correct VDGS systems
• Animated jetways
• Highly detailed ground poly with custom lines and markings
• Enhanced interiors for terminal
• Beautiful hand-coloured custom aerial imagery
• Optional business jet statics
• Updated GSE & Clutter
• Animated vehicles with weather & time influenced appearance
• New terminal extension
• Completely AI-compatible
• Snowbanks during certain winter conditions
• Painstakingly optimized for very high performance
• Included GSX profile

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