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Orbx – ESKS, ESNQ & ESNU Swedish Triple Pack Airports v1.0.1

Warning: One of the airports conflicts with Skyline Simulations ESKS airport, only use one of the two.

Warning: One of the airports conflicts with Microsoft ESNQ airport, only use one of the two.

Note: To remove static aircraft on ESNQ, rename the file at “orbx-airport-esnq-kiruna\scenery\ORBX\esnq\esnq-statics.bgl” to “”.

– ESNU: ATC refers to terminal parkings as general aviation and won’t give instructions to individual parkings (fixed)
– ESNU: Snow inside tower when snowing (fixed)
– ESNU: Runway markings not centered in reference to centre line (fixed)
– ESNQ: Runway marking missing (fixed)
– ESNQ: Centre line taxi lights (removed)
– ESKS: Runway marking missing (fixed)
– ESKS: Terminal parking spots incorrectly labeled, disabling default GSE (fixed)
– ESKS: Floating snowpile close to taxiway (fixed)
– ESKS: Floating red warning light at ILS objects (fixed)
Expand your Scandinavian collection with this new triple airport pack coming soon from renowned indie developer Marcus Nyberg.

Welcome to the north where the sun barely shows in winter and barely sets in summertime. This new bundle gives you a perfect way to explore the more remote areas of northern Sweden and enjoy the vast wilderness of northern Europe. It is a perfect expansion for the A320, 737, and ATR fans out there looking for new adventures.

Built on thousands of on-site photography references in collaboration with the airports and incredible 8cm/px ortho imagery, this package features the highest level of immersion.

With ESNU Umeå Airport being the frontline airport, bringing you all the feature goodies we’ve come to expect from Marcus Nyberg, you have a great hub to begin your northern adventures. Umeå, located by the Gulf of Bothnia, is most known for its university and rich cultural scene and features a bunch of domestic routes to both Stockholm-Arlanda & Stockholm-Bromma for those wanting to add new adventures to your Stockholm collection.

Featuring incredibly detailed buildings and airside objects based on on-site photography references, it brings a true-to-life immersion to the airport. With the shopping area including IKEA and MAX on the western final approach and the baltic sea with the classic sauna boat on the eastern one, you can’t go much more Swedish than this.

Kiruna, being mostly known for its mine and starting point for hikers and hunters exploring the Abisko National Park, is located in the far north of Sweden surrounded by never-ending deep forests. Kiruna is featuring PBR & normal maps and ground textures based on 7cm/px drone shot ortho imagery. And if you ever wonder if it’s too cold to leave the aircraft, there is also a handy digital display showing the current outside temperature & local time.

Located in the middle of the mountain ranges between Sweden & Norway and surrounded by ski resorts, they for sure picked a great name for the airport. Being one of the newest airports in Scandinavia it is built to add connectivity to tourism in the area and has domestic routes but also seasonal connectivity to places like London and Amsterdam. Featuring high-quality buildings and objects, ground imagery based on 7cm/px ortho imagery and custom GSE.


• ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport
• ESNQ Kiruna Airport
• ESNU Umea Airport
• Snow piles and snow trucks with conditional display at all airports
• Amazing ground textures based on 7-8cm/px ortho imagery
• Unique statics true to Umeå Airport (optional)
• Sauna boat at Umeå for those wanting to chill out after landing
• A digital sign featuring time and temperature at Kiruna Airport
• Included GSX profiles
• A perfect getaway for the 737, A320, and ATR fans with multiple seasonal routes covering several European hubs
• Great way to expand your route network from Stockholm-Arlanda & Stockholm-Bromma



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