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Parallel 42 – SimFX v2024.19.4.19

Warning: Might cause heavy performance loss when using it with Aerosoft Simple Traffic at large airports with lots of traffic (even if all effects are disabled with the SimFX in-game panel).
– Fixed:
– Fixed an issue where the user interface would be blank for some users.
– Fixed an issue where some contrail settings would not apply to AI/Traffic/Simulated Contrails.

– Removed:
– Removed the Density option from AI/Traffic/Simulated Contrails. This is handled automatically by the system and cannot be changed.

– New:
– Simulated Contrails:
– Say goodbye to poorly optimized AI Traffic add-ons or Multiplayer chaos; this feature is perfect for those who cherish the skies all to themselves. We simulate other travelers painting the sky with contrails without affecting your system’s performance.

– Contrail logic:
– We moved away from using the sim’s contrail logic and created our own. This results in more realistic contrails that fade in and out based on the aircraft’s power setting, altitude, temperature and humidity.

– Fixed:
– Fixed an issue where afterburner effects would not work on some aircraft.
– Fixed an issue where exhaust heat blur would not work on some piston aircraft.
– Fixed an issue where AI/Multiplayer contrails would fade in/out frequently when using Live Weather.
– Fixed an issue where changing the scale of waves would not apply on the Water Landing effect.
– Fixed an issue where some effects would be unavailable in the interface if the panel is open within the first 5 seconds of a flight.
– Fixed an issue where contrails would not show up on the user aircraft in some conditions.

– Improved:
– Improved the state indicators shifting from circles to squares:
– Green (outline) = Effect is enabled and ready to be displayed.
– Green (fill) = Effect is actively being shown.
– Grey (outline) = Effect is disabled by the user or is unavailable.

– Improved user contrail performance.
– Improved performance of AI/Multiplayer Extended Contrails.
– Improved the algorithm controlling the opacity of AI/Multiplayer Extended Contrails.
– Improved the blur levels of heat blur effects. This will be recalibrated again after SU15 releases.
– Reduced the intensity of auroras while on the realistic setting based on user feedback.
– Dynamic Quality now sets to Performance by default.
– Reworded AFT/FWD adjustment options for engine thrust effects.

– Removed:
– Removed the Wind Impact option from Misc. Heat Blur. This was creating more issues than it was worth.

The FINEST “Visual Effects Utility” covering a range of immersive scenarios.

Our legacy in creating the gold standard of VFX for FSX/Prepar3D continues as we bring our expertise to MSFS. Discover the world of visual effects (VFX) in Microsoft Flight Simulator with SimFX. This add-on is not just a standalone enhancement; it also contains the foundation for our upcoming series of hand-crafted “Immersion Packs.”

Every particle on your screen is authentically governed by environmental variables and formulas. Dynamic effects appear only under the right conditions, creating magical moments in your virtual skies. Experience visual effects for your hangar full of aircraft, AI or multiplayer traffic contrails, and even Auroras dynamically driven by live data, visible near both poles.

Aircraft Effects:

• Engine Heat Blur
• APU Heat Blur
• Engine Blast
• Wing Wash
• Rotor Wash
• Thrust Reversers
• Engine Pollution
• Touchdown Smoke
• Water Waves
• Wheels on Dirt
• Wheels on Rain

Global Effects:

• Extended Contrails
• Auroras
• Shooting Stars

With SimFX, we’ve made all our effects fully customizable via our in-game configuration panel.



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