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PILOT’S FSG – de Havilland Canada Dash 7 v1.2.0

– All Models:
– All armrests now animated via clickspot on the front of the armrest.
– Integrated clickspot on Copilot armrest to hide/show the Copilot.
– Fixed Copilot side heading knob.
– Fixed reversed autopilot pitch wheel animation.
– Fixed reversed course and heading knob animation.
– Fixed Captain side DME gauge brightness control.
– Revised ground spoiler warning light logic.
– Repositioned tooltip label for engine starter button.
– Repositioned tooltip label for engine selection switch.
– Repositioned tooltip label for yoke hider.
– Fixed bugs in engine 3 sound code.
– Fixed bugs in engine 4 sound code.
– Revised brake presssure gauge code.

– GNS Model:
– Screen flickering issue revised and eliminated.

– PMS50 GTN Model:
– Fix for operability from Cold & Dark startup.
– PMS50 GTN dials and push buttons animated.
– PMS50 GTN dial and button sounds added.

– TDS GTNXi Model:
– TDS GTNXi dials and push buttons animated.
– TDS GTNXi dial and button sounds added.

The PILOT’S Dash 7 is a MSFS addon, built after the de Havilland DHC-7 / Dash 7 turboprop aircraft.

With their excellent STOL performance, their designs could fly into smaller airports located in city centres and smaller, outlying, more austere airports having runways that the other aircraft could not easily use (unpaved, unimproved).

A total of 113 aircraft were built until 1988. Product lines were closed at this year since Boieng took over the company.


• Developed from the ground-up for MSFS
• Full support to integrate the TDS GTNXi and GNS 530 GPS units into the cockpit
• Original steam gauge variant also included
• Authentic and realistic gauges
• Custom Sound Package
• Authentic colour matching and simulated original materials
• 4k Textures
• Livery Air Greenland included
• Livery Air Tindi included
• Livery Berjaya Air included
• Livery Brymon Airways included
• Livery Continental included
• Livery Tyrolean Airways included
• Livery Pan Am included
• Livery Trans World Express included
• Livery Maersk included
• Quick Start Manuals (POH in the works)



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