Project Coastline Team – HTMR Msembe Airstrip v1.1.1

Welcome to the Msembe Airstrip (in the SIM, the Airport name Mbatamila is wrong) ICAO HTMR in the heart of Tanzania.
It’s the airstrip that serves the Ruaha National Park in the Iringa Region.


β€’ Mdonya River has been enhanced.
β€’ Moving groups of Elephants and Giraffes now roam the area freely.
β€’ Static Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos, and Flamingos have been scattered everywhere.
β€’ Custom Hot Air Baloon now fly around the village.
β€’ Added a medium ramp #1 in the village, so you can taxi to the strip.

It’s recommended to start from ramp number 2 and possibly in the early morning for a better experience.

If you start from the runway, it is possible that the hot air balloons don’t show up. Just go near the area where they usually are, to have them appear. After that, they will always spawn, even if you restart the flight.

Bonus Content: our take on Machu Picchu, with a runway and helipad.


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