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Random Flight Database v3.6.0



A flight generator according to your needs.

Random Flight Database is the only flight generation software so complete and free.

Why Use RFD ?
Random Flight Database will allow you to easily generate your next flights according to the criteria of choice or not, preparing your next becomes simple with RFD.

Several advantages of RFD:

2 tabs to choose from, real and non-real.

– real: In the first, the generated flights are extracted from real flights among the databases supplied with RFD.

– non-real: Generate VFR, IFR flights for all types of aircraft (helicopters, seaplanes, private planes, small and large aircraft, etc.), from a list of more than 58,000 aviation POIs.

– Possibility of generating a round-the-world trip among real or non-real flights, a tour of a continent of your choice, a tour of a country of your choice.

– Choose a flight time interval and let RFD do it, it will find a corresponding flight for you.

– You can generate a defined quantity of flights, but also associate with the continuous option to leave your arrival airport with each new generated flights

– Create your list of favorite planes and favorite airports

10 criteria to choose from with the possibility of combining them:
– The airline company
– the departure airport
– arrival airport
– the type of aircraft
– the day of the week
– multiple generation
– flight time
– continuous flights
– your favorite planes
– your favorite airports

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