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Red Wing Simulations – Lockheed L–1049 Super–Constellation v0.1.8

Warning: This aircraft conflicts with Sim Skunk Works Lockheed Martin TF-104G and FRF-104G Starfighter aircraft (causes weird smoke effects on Starfighters), only use either this aircraft or the Starfighters.
– Added: Manual assisted start up
– Added: New SU8 feathering system
– Modified: Rework of the windshield inside
– Added: Fuel de-icing system – ice on propellers – pneumatic de-icing cycle – and carbu de-ice
– Added: Gear damage -including tire explosion, main gear no down or gear not locked-up, adn VFX
– Added: New Failure system and clipboard infos
– Fixed: Fuel system and AI.F.E. manag. during Cruise
– Added: Inside Military/cargo passengers version
– Added: Pneumatic cycling de-icing system and A.I. manag.
– Fixed: Yoke size
– Added: New Electric system
– Fixed: Rear door – chocks cover and services at parking
– Modified: All LOD’S reworked to improve FPS (except BREITLING VERSION for 1.9 )
– Modified: All scripts reworked to improve FPS
– Added: New Failure system and clipboard infos
– Fixed: ADF 1 and knob selector
– Fixed: NAV 2 NAV1 selector for flight path
– Fixed: approach AI. Pilot power manag.
– Added: Doucment page 31-33 diagrams , page 52 failure, page 54-55 de-cie, page 82 radio antenna diagrams
– Fixed: Mode easy normal realism
– Fixed: Oil leak, consumption and reservoir (includining heating and emergency process)
– Fixed: Copilot speed-drum display
– Added: Coffee anim in mug (displaying AI crew member in use)
– Fixed: HYD 1 and HYD2 leak, consumption and failures
– Added: Hyd to HYD 1 emergency covered switch
– Fixed: O2 system pilo copil FE and radio
– Fixed: Decals text bugs “Flight Engineer”
– Added: Voices for dynamic
She is one of the legends of aviation.

The L1049 was the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic in one go. An advanced comfort and technology including a former ILS or a live engine analyzer, as well as a majestic fuselage, earned it its letters of nobility.

Her nickname is Connie or Queen of the skies many years before the 747.


• L-1049B or C121C (Breitling livery).
• L-1049G (Air France livery) with wing tanks
• L-1049G (TWA livery) with wing tanks
• Optimised graphics and multi level of detail model.
• 8K and 4K textures High-quality textures, including rain effects and icing.
• Fully fonctionnal 3D Cockpit, including electric, hydraulic and de-icing systems.
• Simplifiyed passengers cabin.
• Additional 3D for stairs, services, openning doors,life rafts, remove before flight and 3D characters for refulling.
• WWise realistic Wright engines R-3350 soundpack.
• An easy mode adds some usefull help, bugs and warning lights.
• Simplified damage system including belly landing or water ditching.
• Fully French cockpit for the AIR FRANCE livery (UK optional)
• VFX smoke engine at start, fuel dumping.
• Clipboard “ipad” to manage options.


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