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RKbridger – Montreal To Quebec Bridges v1.1.1

– Fixed messes under bridges created by WU15. Update puts water back under bridges.
– Also fixed under Asobo bridges: Samuel de Champlain Bridge and Jacques Cartier Bridge.
This is a package of bridges and water fixes from Montreal to Quebec along the St Lawrence River. The area covered is from 15 mile south of Montreal International Airport to the Montmorency Falls about 6 miles north of Quebec. This package complements the POI bridges done by Asobo and reworks the Montmorency Falls area just north of Quebec.

Default bridges are replaced with 27 original bridge models representative of the architectural style and dimensions. Night lighting has been applied where appropriate.

The bridges modeled have POI’s and are listed below:

• Saint Laurent Rail Lift Bridges (2)
• Saint Laurent Rail Bridges (2)
• Honore Mercier Bridges (3)
• Ice Control Bridge
• Victoria Bridge
• Expo Bridge
• Passerell du Cosmos
• Pont des Iles
• Pont Concorde
• Charles de Gaulle Bridge
• L’Assomption River Bridge
• Le Gardeur sud Bridge
• Le Gardeur nord Bridge
• Pont Ferroviaire Laurier Nord
• Pont Ferroviaire Laurier Sud
• Pont LaViolette
• Pont Dorchester
• Dufferin Montmorency Bridge
• Pont Joseph Samson
• Pont de L’Ile
• Montmorency Rte 138 Bridge
• Montmorency Rail Bridge
• Pont de Ave Royale



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